Improve Phosphorous and Micronutrient Uptake with Beneficial Microbes

Phosphorus is a chemical element with many curious properties. It has 2 main forms - white phosphorus and red phosphorus. It is highly reactive and is never found in nature in its elemental state.

For all life-forms, phosphorus is a vital substance. In both plants and animals. it is used in the energy storage and release process. Energy from carbohydrates is used to convert a molecule of ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). The energy that is stored in the ATP can be released very quickly in a conversion back to ADP.

Phosphorus is particularly important to plants in mid-flowering to power the whole process.

Phosphorus Uptake

Phosphorus can be a tricky nutrient for plants to absorb, particularly in soil. It can become locked up very easily and can be difficult for plants to uptake.

Fortunately, there are natural bacteria which can make phosphorous and various micronutrients much more available. The bad news is that they are in rather short supply in most soils. This is where Plant Success King Crab comes in. It is a microbial supplement with 11 different strains of bacteria. There’s around 275 million of them in every single millilitre (around 25 million of each strain). A CFU is a Colony Forming Unit:

Bacillus subtilis – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus licheniformis – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus megaterium – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus pumilus – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus coagulans – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Bacillus azotoformans – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Paenibacillus polymyxa – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Paenibacillus durum – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Pseudomonas fluorescens – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL
Pseudomonas aureofaciens – 25,000,000 CFU’s per mL

These bacteria can make a huge difference to a grow. They ensure that plants can get all the phosphorus and micronutrients that they need.

That’s not all. Having a colony of beneficial bacteria in the rootzone helps to ward off pathogenic (bad) bacteria that can cause root disease. They also activate a plant’s SAR (systemic acquired resistance) which improves their immunity to pathogenic bacteria, fungal infections and viruses.

King Crab doesn’t only work in soil. It works with all mediums – clay pebbles, coco and rockwool too.

Try King Crab and see what it can do for your plants and yields!

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