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Water Heaters & Chillers

If the temperature of your nutrient solution is too cold, then the growth of your plants will slow down. If the solution gets too warm, it will encourage root diseases like pythium. Plus, the warmer water gets, the less oxygen it can hold dissolved in it. The ideal temperature of nutrient solution is between about 18C - 20C (65F - 68F). During winter, you might need to put a water heater into your hydroponic tank to keep the temps in the right range. In summer, the reservoir temperature can rocket (particularly with hot grow lamps on in the room) so a water chiller will help keep the roots healthy and happy with plenty of dissolved oxygen.

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Water Chillers and Heaters

Whether you hand water you plants or use a hydroponics system, it is essential to keep your feed water in the right range. IAlthough it is a bit counter-intuitive, warm water holds less oxygen. Plant roots need oxygen to be healthy. Also, if the water is warm it can be a breeding ground for infection-causing microbes like root-rot.

If the water is too cold then it can stunt plant growth. The right range is about 18C to 20C.

Using a water chiller in summer can help keep water temperatures down. Conversely, a water heater in winter can help to prevent the feed water from getting too cold.

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