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Water temperature is very important and by keeping it between 18-21 Celsius will ensure maximum oxygen levels, improved nutrient uptake and help keep Pythium (root rot) at bay. Rising temperatures can occur more often during the warmer months of the year or simply if your grow room is hotter than normal. Using one of these Hailea Water Chillers will ensure it remains where it needs to be at all times.

All Hailea Chillers are capable of chilling and maintaining a water temperature between 6-30 degrees Celsius. The HC-2200B model can also heat water up to a maximum of 46 degree Celsius.

We recommend to always 'over-spec' your chiller so it is not running at full capacity. To work out what one you require, calculate the total maximum water capacity your system or reservoir will hold and then choose a chiller which can cope with this volume. When possible place your chiller outside your grow room - they work in the same way as a fridge and do generate some heat.


  • Maintaining a water temperature between 18-21°C helps maximize oxygen levels for healthier plants
  • Proper water temperature also improves nutrient uptake for optimal growth
  • Using a water chiller, such as the Hailea models, can help prevent the growth of algae, Pythium, and other root diseases by maintaining the ideal temperature range
  • Hailea chillers are capable of chilling and maintaining water temperature between 6-30°C, and the HC-2200B model can also heat water up to 46°C
  • It is important to choose a chiller that can cope with the maximum water capacity of your system or reservoir, and to place the chiller outside of the grow room to minimize heat buildup.

How To Use

To use place the required water pump in your reservoir or header tank and connect the outlet of the pump to the inlet connection on the chiller using flexible pipe. Then using another piece of flexible pipe connect a length from the outlet of the chiller and place inside your tank. Depending on what type of tank you have or system you are using it is better to have the inlet and outlet pipes in different locations for maximum effectiveness: 

- In a water butt always place the pump at the bottom and have the outlet pipe at the top. This applies to IWS Flood & Drain and IWS Deep Water Culture.

- In a 'tray' style reservoir like an NFT have the inlet at one end and the outlet at the other.

- For IWS R-DWC and Rush R-DWC always chill the brain pot as the system constantly recirculates the nutrient solution around.

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