Irrigation Timers

Many hydroponic systems work by delivering timed feeds to the plant pots. Using a reliable timer is essential to ensure your plants get fed when they need it. We only stock quality branded timers, like the Grasslin timers, so you can rest assured your plant roots won't get dry and damaged due to a missed feed!

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Irrigation Timers

If you run a flood and drain system, a dripper system or an aeroponic system it is essential to be able to time the frequency of the feeds. We only stock accurate and reliable timers to make sure you can sleep well at night. We highly recommend the Optimum 24Hr timer as a basic one. Optimum used to be called Grasslin.

With most timers, you cannot use them to switch on a grow light directly. They generally need to be used in conjunction with a relay or contactor. However, the Maxibright Heavy- Duty timer can switch a single 600w light with no additional equipment.

Most standard timers are the 24hr type which switch iems, such as pumps etc., on and off at the same times each day. The Time-R Digital Timer offers a lot more versatlity. You can switch items off and on down to the second rather than only allowing 15 minute intervals.

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