Imperium - Single Outlet Feed Duration Timer


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Imperium - Single Outlet Feed Duration Timer

The Imperium timer provides precision control over feed duration. It has 28 feed duration options from 1 second to 15 minutes. The flexibility to match the feed duration to the life-stage of the plants means the roots have better access to oxygen, nutrient solution uptake is increased and ultimately yields are bigger.

How Feed Duration Timers Work

This minute timer is designed for use with most dripper systems, but because it comes pre-wired with a 3-pin plug, it can be used straight out of the box to control other items of grow room equipment that require more precise timing schedules than typical 15 minute intervals. Just use a seperate plug in timer to set the times that you want equipment to switch on, then set the duration using the knob on the Imperium. You can switch between minutes and seconds by pushing the knob down - an LED will light up on the face to let you know which mode you are in.

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  • 28 feed duration options
  • Push button to switch between minutes and seconds
  • Highly oxygenated root zone

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