Keeping Your Grow Room Temperatures Down Over Summer

Make Sure your Grow Over Summer is a Success

It is that time of year again, and outdoor temperatures are starting to rise. The sunny weather is something we all look forward to, but unfortunately, it’s not always so great for your indoor garden… Once grow room temperatures start to creep past optimal levels of around 25-28 degrees Celsius, leaf stomata start to close up, photosynthesises rates begin to drop and growth slows down. This naturally has a negative impact on yields, causing many growers to shut up shop altogether during the difficult summer months.

But don't even think about doing that! We stock an array of products that will keep you growing sweetly all year round, allowing you to pull down huge crops, regardless of outside conditions.

Upgrade Your Extraction System

It is always advisable to choose a duct fan with some spare airflow capacity and use it along with a fan speed controller. That way, you'll have the ability to increase fan speeds when temperatures go high. By forcing more air out of the room, you take more of the residual heat and moisture along with it, while pulling in greater levels of fresh air and CO2. Temperature Controlled Fan speed controllers automate this process by regulating the extraction output rate according to room temperature, increasing or decreasing fan speeds as needed.

Maintaining plenty of air movement will help your plants to cope with higher temps. Circulation fans maintain even conditions throughout the grow space, preventing microclimates and hot spots while distributing CO2. We stock an array of circulation fans, so that you can choose a unit to suit your exact set-up, whether it's a 6-Inch clip-on or a heavy-duty 18-Inch Pedestal Fan.

In terms of efficiency, the current generation of LED grow lights blow traditional HID lighting out of the water, coming in at up to 2.9 umols of PAR light per watt of electricity! By comparison, the very best HPS grow lights can only muster 2.1 umols. When your lighting runs more efficiently, less energy is wasted as heat, and more energy is turned into light, where it's really needed! This has a big knock-on effect on room conditions; it is much, much easier to stay within ideal temperature ranges using LEDs. We stock an array of units, but the Maxibright Daylight Pro LED grow light really stands out from the crowd.

Opticlimates will keep your temperatures in line, no matter what lighting you choose. They utilise water-cooled air conditioning systems, which keep room temperatures perfect at all times. As air is cooled, the Relative Humidity goes up. If RH gets out of hand, plant transpiration will slow down and the risk of mold increases. Opticlimate units contain a dehumidifier as well, keeping grow room temperatures and humidity at a perfect level. As an added bonus, running an Opticlimate allows you to maintain a closed-loop environment, making CO2 supplementation a much more viable option. Get CO2 supplementation right and it can add up to 20% to your yields.

Everybody likes a cold drink during the summer months, and your plants are no different. You need to make sure that your nutrient solution is kept between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. At temperatures above 21 C, the nutrient solution is less able to hold onto dissolved oxygen, which creates a more hospitable environment for pathogenic microorganisms, queueing your plants up for a dose of root rot! Hailea Chillers take minutes to set up and they utilise a powerful recirculating refrigeration system that will keep temps in the right ranges. We’ve made it even easier for you by creating kits that include everything you need.

Silver Bullet works in a similar way to Peroxide (H2O2), keeping your tank sterile and free from pathogens. However, unlike Peroxide H2O2 (which breaks down relatively quickly), Silver Bullet keeps killing pathogens for around five weeks. Silver Bullet is great for those running hydroponic systems and it's particularly important when growing using deep water culture 'bubblers'.

All of these products will help you grow indoors during the hot Summer months! Manage that environment and prepare for the worst in terms of temperatures and you'll never go wrong!

Happy Growing!

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