Christmas Cropping Guide

It's that time of year again, and everybody's pulling down their Christmas crops! If you've been following our advice and investing in the latest nutrients and grow gear, then you'll no doubt be dealing with a bumper harvest, so you'll have plenty of material to get through.

Though we love growing trees at One Stop, we'll be the first ones to admit that trimming can be a bit of a chore. In this blog, we talk you through some products that will make the process an absolute doddle, saving you time and effort while improving the quality of your end-product.

Trimming by hand is still the most popular way to remove excess materials. It's also the most time-consuming method, as it involves spending hours hunched over your plants. If you're determined to go down this route, then do yourself a favour and make sure that you invest in a set of decent trimming scissors! Oksinto Pros are a real bargain, coming in at only £8.95 (at time of writing), despite the fact that they're manufactured using high-grade Japanese steel! And we've also got Barnel Professional trimming scissors (£15.95) for the high-rollers out there, which are even sturdier.

If at all possible, we'd recommend investing in a trimmer to automate the process, which can save you hours of time, even days. Hobbyists should take note of our hand driven trimmers, which get through a decent quantity of material for an excellent price. The Trimzilla (£159.95 at time of writing) is probably the industry's most popular trimmer! With no electrical parts to go wrong, it will last a lifetime, just as long as you keep it clean and replace the blades when needed. Using it is as easy as it gets - all you need to do is wack your plant materials in the chamber and turn the handle. The rubber strips will rotate the materials around, while the blade in the lower half the of SpinPro takes off unwanted leaves.

We stock a wide array of trimmers that cater to growers operating on all scales, including Trim Buddy, Trimpro and Triminator units.

Once you've got your materials trimmed, the next thing to do is to dry them out. Stackable Drying Shelves and Jumbo Drying Nets are great entry points because they cost next to nothing (£4.95 & £18.95 respectively).

Getting the finest quality end-product requires some curing time. This allows compounds like chlorophyll to break down, enhancing flavours and aromas while improving consistency. Zip-Zag bags are perfect for storing plant materials during this process. They come with double-lock seals that keep smells locked firmly inside and they can be reused again and again.

Pair your Zip-Zag bags up with Integra Boost pouches and you've got a winning combo. Integra Boost pouches help with the curing process by automatically releasing or absorbing moisture as required, maintaining perfect humidity levels. Wack one in with your plant materials and it will help to ensure that your Christmas crop reaches its full potential, bringing out the best flavours and aromas, while improving consistency.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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