Zip-Zag Bag & Integra Boost Curing Kits
  • 88570 5oz   55
  • 88574 1oz   55
  • 88576 1oz   62
  • 88570 5oz   55
  • 88572 5oz   62

Zip-Zag Bag & Integra Boost Curing Kits


Choose your Zip-Zag Curing Kit:

10 x Large (5oz) with 55% Integras (Add: £10.00)

£39.95 £39.95
Zip-Zag Bag & Integra Boost Curing Kits
  • 88570 5oz   55
  • 88574 1oz   55
  • 88576 1oz   62
  • 88570 5oz   55
  • 88572 5oz   62

Complete Curing Packs for Smell-Proof Storage and a Better Quality End-Product

These kits allow you to safely store your plant materials while improving flavours, aromas and consistency. Zip-Zag Brand Smellproof Bags are completely airtight, keeping odours locked firmly inside, unlike cheaper alternatives. Integra Boost Pouches work by maintaining optimal humidity levels inside the bags at all times, releasing or absorbing moisture when required. When combined, these two products make it easy to get the curing process bang-on! 

  • Delivers more intense smells, stronger flavours and a superior consistency
  • Helps to improve (even substandard) plant materials, for a better end-product
  • Available in versions with 1oz and 5oz bags
  • Money-saving deal - cheaper than buying separately
  • Airtight seals keep smells locked firmly inside
  • Makes pungent materials easy to transport and store
  • Maintains completely consistent humidity levels within optimal curing ranges
  • Helps to prevent plant materials from getting contaminated with mould
  • Available with 55% and 62% Integra Boost Pouches
  • Comes with indicator cards, which tell you when to replace the pouch


Large (5oz) Bags

10 x Large Zip-Zags, 10 x Integra Boosts (55% / 67g)

10 x Large Zip-Zags, 10 x Integra Boosts (62% / 67g)

Small (1oz) Bags

25 x Small Zip-Zags, 25 x Integra Boosts (55% / 8g)

25 x Small Zip-Zags, 25 x Integra Boosts (62% / 8g)

How Our Curing Kits Work

Curing plant materials allows chlorophyll (and other compounds within the plant) to properly decompose. This dramatically intensifies flavours and aromas while increasing potency. The trickiest part of this process lies in consistently maintaining the right environmental conditions. Integra Boost pouches make this easy by using two-way humidity regulators. Drop one in your Zip-Zag Bag and it will add or remove moisture when needed, maintaining the humidity level specified on the packet. Choose between 55% and 62% versions - both are considered to be within ideal ranges for curing.

Other curing packs on the market do a similar job, but, unfortunately, many of them come with an unwanted side effect: they can destroy the smell of your end-product – exactly what you don’t want! That's why it's important to choose a brand like Integra, which has no negative impact whatsoever (quite the opposite).

You’ll notice that these pouches come with an indicator card, which should be placed in the jar or curing bag along with the Boost sachet. The indicator card has a dot on the front that changes colour. When it turns blue, you’ll need to replace your Boost sachet.

Bag Dimensions

Small (1oz): 17.1cm x 16cm (6.7" x 6.3")

Large (5oz): 27.3cm x 28cm (10.75" x 11")

How to Use Our Curing Kits

Using these kits is very straight forward. Just pop your plant materials into a bag and then throw in your Integra Boost!