Grow Tents for Indoor Growing

Awarded as the UK number 1 grow tent, we stock BudBox because they're the best available. The BudBox Pro hydroponic grow tents feature click-lock 25mm extra thick poles, tough superior stitching and are available in either silver mylar or super reflective white. There's a great selection of shapes and sizes too - with many options being available in 2.0m standard height or 2.2m height for those who like a little extra headroom. For those planning a grow in a loft or an attic there are loft grow tent versions with pitched roofs for a perfect fit.If it's a small grow tent that you're after then we have options for those too. BudBox grow tents have lots of features - there's plenty of ducting and electrical feed socks provided, as well as coverable, passive ventilation panels and strong hanging bars to support the weight of your lights and extraction system. Uplift bars on the bottom allow space for irrigation pipes to be installed easily and conveniently. BudBox Pro grow tents also feature a green-tinted window which allows you to view your plants during the dark period. Combine all that with top quality zips, fabric, stitching and access panels and you have the recipe for a superb piece of equipment that will last a very long time. BudBox Lite grow tents are the best budget tents available, offering superior quality over any other low-cost option on the market.