Grow Tents

Awarded as the UK's number 1 grow tent, we stock BudBox because they're the best available. BudBox Grow Tents have the most features, are the most reflective and are the best built grow tents available. BudBox Pro hydroponic grow tents feature click-lock 25mm extra thick poles, tough superior stitching and are available in either silver mylar or super reflective white. For those planning a grow in a loft or an attic we stock loft grow tents with pitched roofs. From small grow tents ideal for propagation to large grow tents for 6-8 lights, we've got you covered. If you're just starting out, and looking for a cheap grow tent, BudBox Lite are the best budget grow tents in hydroponics, offering superior quality over any other cheap grow tent available.


Not sure which is the right grow tent for you? Check out our blog on Setting Up Your First Grow Tent Kit: A Beginner’s Guide​.


About Grow Tents

Grow tents are a one of the fundamental pieces of equipment for a successful indoor hydroponics grow because they form the housing and basis to create an ideal grow environment.


The advantages of grow tents:

  • Grow tents provide a convenient framework for the rest of the grow equipment, with hanging rails for the light(s) as well as extraction fans & filters
  • They help to prevent odours escaping
  • They create a contained microclimate, allowing the extraction system and heaters to work more effectively 
  • They reflect valuable light back into the garden rather than letting it get wasted
  • Available in a wide choice of sizes to suit you. We stock a small grow tent for propagation, right the way up to mammoth sizes
  • Also available with a pitched roof for using in a loft or attic
  • High convenience and practicality - the whole grow is contained in exactly the right size space
  • Provide vents and access holes for the ducting and electricity feeds
  • Ensure that during the dark period your plants are in complete darkness - no light leaks
  • A white interior is even more reflective than silver
  • Many of the Budbox Pro grow tents are available in either 2m height or 2.2m height

Reasons for choosing a quality brand of grow tent

With the grow tent being so important, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a quality one. Some cheap ones have poor quality zips and stitching. The frames and corner pieces are sometimes not very sturdy, and the bars sometimes cannot support much weight before bowing. As any grower who has had to replace a grow tent will tell you, having to dismantle a whole garden and then rebuild it is time-consuming and a really big inconvenience. Sometimes it can end up ruining an entire grow cycle too because of the disruption.

It really is well worth investing in a quality, branded grow tent to begin with that will last for a good while. Budbox are the UKs premium brand and with one of their Pro grow tents you get gorilla strength and you can be confident that it will be durable and long-lasting!

Budbox tents are very easy to assemble. They boast strong click-lock poles and tough corner pieces This is very important because all the weight of the extraction system and grow light is supported through the frame to the corner pieces.

The canvas on them is thick and feature strong zips and stitching and are 100% light proof when zipped up. A thick canvas means that less sound gets through it. Being quieter is a very important aspect to some growers.

The reflective interior means that none of the precious light is wasted. The Pro range comes with a choice of either silver (mylar) or the slightly more reflective white interior. Budbox's white interior versions actually run a little cooler than the mylar version.

Getting access to your plants is very important. This means having adequate access panels. Make sure when choosing a grow tent it has an adequate quantity of ducting socks and electrical feed ports

Their Pro range also have an interesting innovative feature in that they include a green tinted viewing window for checking on your plants while they are in the dark period without disturbing it. A velcro attached cover keeps light out when it is not in use during the dark period to check up on your plants. "Uplift" sections on the bottom rails are shaped to allow feed/drainage pipes for a hydroponics system to neatly exit the tent to a reservoir located outside of it. The fabric is thick, durable and does not let light through the zips or stitching, advertising your indoor garden like a lighthouse when the grow light is on.

Another good point is that most of the Pro range are available in 2 heights - 2 metres tall or 2.2 metres tall. This gives extra headroom if you grow tall plants. If you intend to go for the taller option make sure that your ceiling is high enough to still allow you to erect it. Please note - the small propagation tent and the loft grow tents do not come in 2 heights.


Choosing the size of your grow tent

You may find that you are limited by the space you have to put it in. You may also have a particular type of grow light in mind that you would like to use. As a guide, we generally recommend the following:

0.75m x 0.75m for a 250w light

1m x 1m for a 400w light

1.2m x 1.2m for a 600w light

1.5m x 1.5m for a 1000w light

These figures scale up proportionally for the larger sizes of tent too. For example, 4 x 600w lights will work well in 2.4m x 2.4m size grow tent.