Grow Lights

We offer a full range of grow lights from budget 600w kits to the latest in LED technology, from prices as low as £49.95 you can get growing easily. One Stop also offer a huge range of grow lamps and reflectors alongside timing gear and other accessories. For successful growing of plants indoors, it is essential that they have adequate light from a growing lamp or bulb. Even the productivity in sunny glass greenhouses can benefit from supplemental grow lights, particularly to boost the illumination in the dimmer and darker corners. Cloudy days can be dull and gloomy and during those times your plant growth will be limited by the amount of bright, quality light that your plants are getting. If you use a grow tent then to get the biggest, highest quality crops you'll need to make sure that your plant grow light is penetrating through the canopy and providing plenty of light to every square inch of grow space. There's several of options for additional lighting, from fluorescent CFLs through to the brand new range of Spectron LED Booster grow lights. Free delivery on all orders over £25.

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