Rhino Carbon Filters

These filters have become THE carbon filter to have to clean the smells associated with hydroponic growing. These are some of the best and the most reliable carbon filters you can get, giving you the peace of mind that odours won't get out of control.

The Rhino Pro filters last for up to 2 years before they need to be replaced and because of this they represent superb value-for money. The Rhino Hobby filters offer the same great odour removal at a lower price but need to be replaced more regularly. Hobby carbon filters are just right for first-time growers or those on a tight budget.

Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino Pro and Hobby carbon filters are 100% genuine - the real deal - guaranteed!

If you need the best in odour removal, you really need a Rhino carbon filter. The offer very best in security, privacy and peace of mind for the conscientious grower!

Made from the finest virgin activated carbon in the world - Australian RC412. Nothing cleans odours from the air like a Rhino carbon filter. They are also made to last - Rhino Pro filters last for 2 years under normal conditions.

The Hobby carbon filters are designed for growers on a budget. They offer the same great odour removal but with a reduced lifespan of 9 to 12 months (as long as the filter is reversed every 3 months). The type of carbon they include is exactly the same as the type found in the more expensive Rhino Pro filters. A Rhino Hobby carbon filter will get you through until you can afford a genuine Rhino Pro.