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  • IWS – Top British Hydroponics manufacturer
  • Tweaked and improved V3.0 model
  • Manufactured from incredibly robust, crack-resistant plastic
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lid that now features a removable 140mm net pot
  • Built-in groove for protecting indicator pipe

IWS Oxypot Version 3.0

Also known as a 'bubbler' or 'bubbler pot', the IWS Oxypot V3.0 will amaze you with it's simplicity and speed of plant growth. It comes with a few improvements over the previous model that make accessing nutrients that little bit easier. The system requires clay pebbles, airpump, airline and airstone which are not included.


How the IWS Oxypot Version 3.0 Works

Plants are grown in expanded clay pebbles held in a net-pot suspended just above a reservoir of nutrient solution. An external air-pump feeds air via an air-line to air-stones in the bottom of the reservoir. The air-stones produce small bubbles which oxygenate the nutrient solution. When the bubbles rise to the surface they pop, causing a fine spray of nutrient solution to wet the expanded clay pebbles above. The plant-roots grow out the wetted clay pebbles and down into the highly oxygenated nutrient solution encouraging a large root-mass to grow in the reservoir.

The new V3.0 model Oxypot comes with a few design tweaks that make maintenance that little bit easier. The level indicator pipe now sits inside a groove that protects it from knocks, ensuring that nutrient never spills out accidentally. With flat surfaces, fitting an extra gland is made a lot easier if, for instance, you want to connect the Oxypot V3.0 to an IWS Brain Bucket and still use a water level indicator. The net pot (140mm) is now separate to the lid and the access hole cover is a lot easier to remove.

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Please choose between a complete system, 2-hole base (for use with R-DWC systems), a lid or a water-level indicator

Complete system contents:

1 x DWC bucket, 1 x lid (with access hole and cover), 1 x removable 140mm net-pot, 1 x gland, 1 x elbow, 1 x reservoir-level indicator


Please choose an air pump, air-line and airstone from our Air Pumps & Airstones section

Please choose your medium from our Clay Pebbles section

We would definitely recommend purchasing Silver Bullet Roots in addition to your system to keep your tanks completely sterile and all disease at bay.


Oxypot V3.0 dimensions (with lid): 34cm x 34cm x 38cm

IWS Oxypot Reservoir Capacity: 19 Litres

How to Use the IWS Oxypot Version 3.0

The IWS Oxypot DWC System is assembled as follows: Fit the gland into the hole near the base of the Outer Bucket (reservoir) by threading the main part through the hole from the outside and then tightening the locknut onto it from the inside. Push the smooth end of the elbow all the way into the Gland with the other end of the elbow pointing straight upwards. Tighten the Gland to firmly grip the elbow and create a water-tight seal. Push the Reservoir-level indicator pipe completely down over the other end of the Elbow. Fit the top of the reservoir level indicator pipe into the cross-shaped piece of plastic in the top of the level indicator groove.

Place the bucket in the location that it will be used. Put your air-pump on a stand so that it will be above the water level when the reservoir is filled (approximately 12 inches off the ground) so that nutrient solution cannot “siphon" back into the air-pump if there is a power outage or should it be accidentally switched off when the reservoir is still full. IWS recommend that a dual-outlet air-pump is used with this system for best results. Run air-lines from the air-pump to the Oxypot and feed them through the purpose-made holes in the outer bucket to the side of the reservoir indicator clip near the top. Fit air-stones of your choice to the end of the air-lines inside the Outer bucket and let them rest on the bottom. Fill the Outer bucket (reservoir) with water and make up the nutrient solution according to your schedule. Check the pH and adjust it if necessary.

Fill the net-pot with expanded clay pebbles and set your well-rooted plant deep enough into them so that all the roots are covered. Place the lid on top of the bubbler and place the net pot inside the centre of the lid. Plug in your air-pump and switch it on. The air-bubbles released by the air-stones rise up through the nutrient solution, oxygenating it as it goes. When the bubbles reach the surface they burst, splattering the clay pebbles making them wet. Until roots begin to show out of the bottom of the net-pot it is a wise idea to keep the clay-pebbles wet by hand-watering them a couple of times a day with a litre or so of solution taken from the reservoir. When plants have just been transplanted into this system it is important that the water level is no more than an inch below the bottom of the net-pot. When the root-system is established and roots are growing out of the net-pot into the nutrient solution then the reservoir can be allowed to drop a little lower but not below half-full.

Preventing Water Damage: Even with a carefully set up hydroponic system, occasionally a seal can fail, a pipe come come adrift, or a reservoir can even split, causing a considerable amount of water to be released onto the floor. Plan ahead and plan for the worst. For example, sit your system in a high-sided Run-off or Work Tray, or use our Floor Secure Sheeting on your grow-room floor. It can be fitted so that it rides up each wall by a few inches, creating a “floor-basin" which could help prevent a huge amount of water damage if the worst should ever happen. In this regard it is much better to be safe than sorry!


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