Veg+Bloom - RO/SOFT Base


Size: 1lb
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All-In-One Powdered Coco & Hydro Nutrient for Soft Water

Veg + Bloom RO/SOFT nutrient has been formulated to make life as simple as possible when growing in hydroponic media, like rockwool, clay pebbles and Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+. Hydroponic Research nutrients are powdered nutrients formulated for growers operating at huge scales, where tiny differences in performance have huge pay-offs. They're designed to squeeze as much as possible from your plants, which explains why customer feedback on this range has been exceptional.

It's formulated specifically for soft water areas with starting EC levels below 0.3, and for use with RO water. RO filters, like the Growmax Mega Grow, strip all of the impurities out of the water, including the dissolved mineral content, and RO/SOFT has a formula that accounts for this. If you're growing in a hard water area, go for Tap/Hard.

RO/Soft contains all of the macro and micronutrients needed for optimal plant health, and also packs in amino acids, fluvial acids, bio active growth stimulants and silica. The team at Hydroponic Research have combined an array of bottles into one powder, saving you money as well as lots of time and effort. Many other nutrient ranges force you to buy a lot of the ingredients separately.

The range couldn't be simpler, and RO/Soft has enough nutrient content to get you through a full grow. We'd suggest adding some Shine, from week three of flower. It's loaded with phosphorus and potassium (PK 22-12), which will help to push fruit development as far as possible.

Visit the Veg+Bloom category to see the complete range or check out the One Stop Blog for more info.


Choose from 1lb (453g) , 5lb (2.275g), 25lb (11.36kg) or 100lb (45.36kg) sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Powdered nutrients - the first choice for many professional growers
  • Part of a simple and effective feeding schedule - everything's combined into a handful of products
  • Optimised for reverse osmosis (RO) filters and soft water
  • Comes in powder form - first choice of many professional growers
  • Produces great results, from rooted cuttings to the end of the bloom phase
  • Perfect for all hydroponics systems as well as coco coir, and even peat moss
  • Teams up nicely with ShinePush, and Stackswell
  • Made in California

How To Use

A copy of the Veg + Bloom feed chart can be found in the downloads section, which provides information on dosing.

You'll need a pH meter and an EC meter to administer these nutrients. You can find a large selection of suitable equipment in the pH & EC Control section.

As always, add one nutrient or additive and give the reservoir a good stir before adding the next one.

Change your reservoir out at least once per week.

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