Veg+Bloom: Simple Feeding Plans - Big Results!

The Veg+Bloom range has been around for over a decade, and in that time it's grown to become one of the most sought after ranges in the industrial horticultural scene. That's largely down to the fact that Veg+Bloom nutrients produce excellent results with very little effort. The complete range has been condensed into just a handful of products: all you need is one base nutrient powder and two powdered additives to take you from start to finish. There's also a foliar treatment, which brings the total number of products to just four! You can spend less time making up nutrients, leaving less room for error, and free up some time to tend to your plants, doing jobs like pruning, training and general grow room maintenance.

Choose a Veg+Bloom One-Part Base Nutrient

Choose a one-part, powdered base nutrient to suit your growing medium and water type. There are a few options to choose from, so there's something for every grower. Whatever you opt for, you can be assured that only the highest grade ingredients are ever selected  - everything here is either food grade or pharmaceutical grade, with no impurities or nasty chemicals, just top-quality mineral salts and bio-additives. All feeds deliver great results in both the growth and bloom stages (hence the name!).

A selection of Veg+Bloom base nutrients

Tap/Hard (For Hard Water)

Choose this option if you're growing in coco coir or hydroponics, and you're in a hard water area with tap water that sits above 0.3 EC. The tap water in these areas already contains higher levels of dissolved minerals and Tap/Hard accounts for this. The complex formula includes all of the macro and micronutrients needed for optimal plant health, and packs in amino acids, fluvial acids, bio active growth stimulants and silica. It also neutralises the alkalinity of hard water, reducing pH fluctuations and keeping things within optimal ranges. A little bit of this powdered nutrient goes a long way, so Tap/ Hard represents great value for money.

RO/Soft (For Soft Water)

RO/Soft is another hydro / coco feed that delivers all of the benefits of Tap/Hard, but it's optimised for soft water and for growers who run reverse osmosis systems to filter impurities from their tapwater. If your starting EC level is at 0.3 or below, then this is the nutrient for you.

Dirty (For Soil)

Dirty is formulated to get the best out of soil-based media. Like the rest of the range, it is predominantly mineral based (not organic).

VBX (For Growing Under LED Grow Lights)

VBX is a one-part powdered nutrient that's optimised for use with plants grown under LED lighting. As well as containing everything that plants need to flourish, it also comes with big doses of probiotics (AKA beneficial microbes). Most serious growers have already made the switch to LED grow lights, so it's great to see a nutrient that's made specifically for the job.

DOS A&B (For Use With the Dosatron Nutrient Doser)

This nutrient is formulated specifically for use with the Dosatron doser, which maintains nutrient concentrations automatically. This set-up is aimed at specialist growers with high levels of expertise. If you're a commercial horticulturalist, then it's definitely something to investigate.

Throw in Some Additives

Stax (Calmag Supplement with Humic Acid and Sugars)

Stax (formerly known as Stackswell) is a potent calcium and magnesium supplement that's also loaded with humic acid and sugars. Calcium and magnesium are important secondary macronutrients that perform a number of crucial roles in maintaining plant health. Humic acid acts as a chelator, converting nutrients to forms with even higher levels of availability, while enhancing the rootzone.  Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to create sugars; boosting this process by adding in extra sugars (along with calcium and magnesium) greatly supports plants, improving overall growth rates and robustness, while increasing the size of fruits. If you're in a soft water area, you can use Stax to raise the EC level up to around 0.2 to 0.3 before adding your base nutrient.

Shine (PK and Bloom Booster)

Phosphorus and potassium are required in greater quantities during the bloom phase. As a potent PK booster, Shine satisfies this extra demand, pushing plants as far as possible and helping them to reach their full potential. It's made with crab shell extract, plant cutin isolates and nectar secretion agents. The nectar secretion agent ramps up essential oil production, for improved flavours and aromas, and greater concentrations of active plant compounds.

Push Foliar Spray (Silicon and Calcium)

As mentioned previously, silicon and calcium can be found in other components of the Veg+Bloom feeding system. They are, however, two nutrients that are particularly effective when applied directly to leaves as foliar treatments. Push isn't completely essential, but delivering these key nutrients in a foliar form does help to give plants a huge boost. Use it and you'll see bigger, glossier leaves that are more resistant to mould, mildew and pests, and an all-round improvement in plant structures, with fatter stems and stronger branches. The Veg+Bloom feed chart suggests using it at 50ml per US gallon, twice per week, which translates to a dosage of around 13ml per litre.

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