Street Light Blue LED Grow Light


Size: 30cm Daisy Chaining Cord
Sale price£2.49

Fantastic Value-For-Money Blue LED Grow Light Strips

These Street Light Blue LED Light Strips are great value. They're great for raising cuttings and are designed to fit into the grooves in the lids of our Aeroponic Propagators. These LED Light Strips have many benefits over traditional fluorescent propagation light. They have a far superior spectrum and they're more electricity efficient. On top of that they save having to change out fluorescent lights every year or so. The 50,000 hour lifespan means you'll get many years of hassle free growing.

How the Street Light Blue LED Light Strips Work

Most gardeners use fluorescent lights for growing cuttings and raising seedlings. Unfortunately, fluorescent lights are not very efficient and the output spectrum is far from ideal with a lot of the energy going in to producing green light rather than the blue which is much better for young plants. Also, fluorescent bulbs need replacing regularly, and because they are easily breakable and contain mercury they need to be disposed of very carefully.

Up to seven of these units can be daisy chained together. By cabling them together, you can run them from a single power socket. Just use the dropdown menu above to add a cable for each link in the chain. Choose between 30cm and 50cm versions, depending on the distance between each light.

These Street Light Blue LED Light Strips produce an excellent spectrum with lots of blue and some white which is great for propagation and vegging plants:

Street Light LED Light Strips are more efficient than fluorescent lights too, they produce more light for each watt of electricity used. They have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which is over 7.5 years when run for 18 hours per day.

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1 x Your choice of size of Street Light Blue LED Light Strip


  • Street Light - The new name in great value grow lighting
  • Blue 6500K spectrum
  • Available in 3 sizes - 30cm (12W), 45cm (18W), and 60cm (24W)
  • Up to 50,000 hour lifespan (7.5 years at 18 hours per day!)
  • Up to seven units can be daisy-changed together
  • Far more efficient than fluorescent
  • Fit into the grooves in the lids of Aeroponic Propagators
  • No more regular fluorescent bulb change-outs

How To Use

How to use the Street Light LED Light Strips

These Light Strips sit perfectly in the grooves in the lids of our Aeroponic Propagators. Alternatively, 2 clips are provided so that they can be hung above your plants, cuttings or seedlings. The provided mains lead, which plugs in to one end of the unit includes a switch for easy control. The other end of the unit has an outlet so that up to 7 units can be daisy-chained together from one mains outlet. 

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