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Mineral-Based Soil Nutrients for the Vegetative Growth Stages

Terra Grow contains an array of nutrients that get the best out of plants during the vegetative growth stages, with plenty of nitrogen to green up leaves and increase development rates. Nitrogen is essential for plant growth, especially during the earlier stages, as it is used by plants to manufacture amino acids and chlorophyll. Note that Terra Grow is not an organic fertiliser; it's formulated using dissolved minerals and is therefore not for use with fully organic gardens.

By laying solid foundations when your plants are vegging, you'll create a stronger, more robust framework, allowing plants to produce bigger and better fruits further down the line.

Terra Grow delivers the goods in any soil mix and teams up well with mineral additives from other ranges.

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  • Loaded with nutrients in highly available, absorbable forms
  • Mineral-based nutrient for use in soil (i.e. not organic) 
  • Optimised to promote luscious growth during the vegetative stages
  • Suitable for use in an array of soil mixes and grow systems
  • Great for keeping mother plants looking healthy
  • Performs best when used alongside other additives in the Plagron Nutrient range

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before use. Add Terra Grow at a rate of up to 5ml per litre of water (1:200). Add Terra Grow with every watering throughout the growth stage.

Take a look at our pH and EC control products, which will help you to administer your nutrients at the right concentrations and within the ideal pH ranges.

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