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Size: 1 Litre
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High-Perfromance Base Nutrient - Ideal for Hydroponic Grow Systems

Hydro A&B is a potent and highly concentrated mineral-based fertiliser that performs brilliantly right the way through the grow and bloom stages. It's extremely easy to use and offers truly incredible performance, especially when it's combined with Plagron additives.

The trace minerals contained in Hydro A&B are all in chelated forms that plants can uptake easily, preventing deficiencies.

Hydro A is rich in calcium which strengthens cell walls and fights off heat stress. Hydro B contains magnesium, a vital component in the production of chlorophyll. Adequate magnesium boosts rates of photosynthesis, for faster growth rates and all-round stronger plants.

Hydro A&B can be used in pretty much any hydroponic system or inert growing medium, whether you're using run to waste systems, deep water culture bubblers (DWC), flood and drains or NFTs.

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  • Optimised for hydroponic grow systems, including run-to-waste and recirculating systems
  • A potent mineral-based feed - gives you complete control over EC and pH values
  • Highly concentrated formula - very economical
  • Formulated not to crystalise in your nutrient tank
  • Part of the excellent Plagron Nutrients range
  • Contains nutrients that are are easily uptaken over a wide pH range
  • Delivers an array of macro and micronutrients (in chelated forms) that promote vibrant growth

How To Use

How to Use Plagron Hydro A&B

Give the bottle a shake before unscrewing the cap. Use Plagron Nutrients Hydro A&B at up to 2.5ml per litre of water (1:400). Always add add A and B in the same quantities and use with every watering.

Take a look at our pH and EC control products, which will help you to administer your nutrients at the right concentrations and in the ideal pH ranges.


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