Orchid Focus - Repotting Mix

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Orchid Focus Repotting Mix

A repotting mix specially formulated for growing orchids, containing graded bark and blended fibre chips, providing the perfect balance between moisture retention and aeration. Your orchids will love it!

How Orchid Focus Repotting Mix Works

Successful indoor growing is about replicating a plant's natural outdoor conditions as closely as possible and this is certainly no different for orchids, one of the most popular plant species among indoor horticultural enthusiasts. Orchid Focus Repotting Mix's unique blend of graded bark and coco provides a rough, fibrous consistency that your orchid roots will love, closely matching the conditions of their natural habitat and delivering the perfect balance between moisture retention and aeration.

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A bag of Orchid Focus Repotting Mix comes in two sizes: 3 Litres, and 8 Litres


  • Ideal for use with Orchid Grow and Bloom
  • Optimal moisture retention and aeration
  • Ready to use, straight from the bag
  • High-quality graded bark and rough coco mix
  • Produces vibrant healthy flowers

How To Use

Using Orchid Focus Repotting Mix

Don't attempt to repot your orchid while it is flowering. Wait until it has finished its bloom before cutting off the dead flower and repotting. Then, remove your orchid from its original pot, clear away any large pieces of bark and gently open the up the root system, then take a sterile knife or pair of scissors and trim away any unhealthy or dead roots. Fill out the bottom of your new container with Orchid Focus Repotting Mix. Lower the root system down into the layer of bark at the bottom of the container, then secure the plant in position by holding the neck and gently shake the container to fill in any gaps. Add some more repotting mix if necessary and firm down the substrate. Water thoroughly and allow the substrate to dry out before watering again.

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