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Kits: Euro Reflector 3000K
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Money-Saving CDM Lighting Kits

Omega CDM Grow Light Kits represent incredible value for money. They output intense, full-spectrum light that's also rich in UVA and UVB, giving them a performance level that's much higher than their efficiency level (1.9 umol/ watt) would have you believe.

These units do output more heat than LEDs, which you can use to your advantage during the winter! Instead of adding heaters to combat the cold, add some of these and watch your yields swell up in size!

The included Omega 315W CDM Digital Ballast is optimised to squeeze as much performance as possible from 315W CDM grow lamps.

You can choose between 3000K and 4000K grow lamps. Both are 'full-spectrum' but each one is tweaked towards a different area. 3000K lamps contain more reds, making them ideal for piling on weight during the bloom phase. The extra blues in the 4000K model work a treat during the veg stages. Whichever lamp you choose, it will perform well at any stage.



All kits come with the excellent 315W Omega Ballast.

Choose between 3000K (flowering) and 4000K CDM grow lamps.

Choose from the Euro Reflector, the Spectrum Reflector or an Adapter Kit (used to convert your existing reflector).


  • Delivers an intense, full-spectrum output that's similar to natural sunlight
  • Go for the 4000K lamp for veg and the 3000K lamp for flower
  • Includes UVA & UVB — great for hardening up plants and adding weight!
  • Makes great supplementary lighting —  much better than a heater
  • Adds extra heat to the grow space in winter
  • Comes with a choice of reflector: the Euro or the Spectrum Reflector
  • Choose an Adapter Kit to upgrade your existing HPS reflector

How To Use

Twist the CDM lamp into the reflector socket.

Hang the reflector from the top of your grow tent using a (separately available) set of Rope Ratchets.

Connect the Reflector cable to the ballast.

Plug the CDM ballast into a (separately available) timer or contactor. This will allow you to program your lighting cycles.

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