Omega Clone LED Grow Lights (Twin Pack)

OMEGASKU: 927693

Size: 9w (Twin Pack)
Sale price£44.99

Omega Clone LED Grow Lights - High Quality Clone Strips

Optimise plant growth and save big £££ with the Omega Clone LED Grow Light. These strips are compact, highly-efficient and a long-lasting solution to older fluorescent lighting. They're over 60% more efficient and provide your young plants everything they need to thrive during the early stages of their lifecycle.

How the Omega Clone LED Grow Light Works

The Omega Clone LED Grow Lights are the perfect replacement for a T5 fluorescent light fixture. The Omega Clone LED Grow Lights are 60% more efficient, fully waterproof, and are rated for 54,000 hours. 2 strips per pack. The Omega Clone LED Grow Lights come standard with a 5 year warranty and have been tested in nursery applications for over 2 years.

9W Specs - Height: 8.5cm | Length: 54.5cm | Width: 7.5cm

18W Specs - Height: 8.5cm | Length: 120.5cm | Width: 7.5cm

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  • Unreal spectrum for maximum growth (9000K colour temperature)
  • 36umol/s per watt efficiency - highly efficient and low-running cost
  • 120 degree light spread for maximum coverage
  • Water resistant housing and connectors for peace of mind
  • Only uses 9W per strip using state of the art Samsung diodes
  • Daisy chain up to 100 strips for big setups
  • Hanging clip and zip tie slot for easy installation
  • Average lifespan of 54,000 hours

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