Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector


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Mirrored Euro Reflector — Gets the Best From Your CFL

The Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector is a great, cost effective way to get your fingers green and start your first grow, and it also works fantastically for propagation. It's specially designed to support the heavier CFL lamps we stock and has a highly reflective mirror finish to reflect down every last lumen of light possible. The Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector is suitable for CFLs up to 200w and comes pre-wired with a UK plug.

Can be used with 125w and 200w CFL Lamps ONLY

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How the Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector Works

Using a dedicated CFL Reflector will always give you much better results from your compact fluorescent lamp than trying to make do with a standard HID reflector. The Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector has a highly reflective, mirrored finish to reflect every last lumen from your CFL lamp down to the plant canopy and is very strong and durable to support the heavyweight CFL lamp. CFL lamps don't generate to much heat so this reflector allows them to be kept close to the canopy giving your plants more intense light to use and thrive.

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  • Simple but effective design
  • Highly reflective, mirrored finish
  • Ceramic lamp-holder
  • Specially designed to support heavy CFL lamps
  • Suitable for 130w and 200w CFL lamps
  • Lightweight yet very strong and sturdy
  • Outstanding value-for-money

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