Omega Deep Blue CFL Grow Lamps

OMEGASKU: 765451

Lamp: 125W
Sale price£29.99

Omega Deep Blue CFL Grow Lamps - Low Energy Lighting

The Omega Deep Blue CFL Grow Lamps provide growers with an excellent choice of lamp for CFL's whilst your plants are in the vegetative stages of their growth due to its blue spectrum (6400k). Omega have bought together a premium feeling lamp for a great price, giving you maximum performance, paired alongside a small pricetag. CFL lamps also provide very efficient running costs, whilst achieving the best baseline for your plants to grow. 

When to use the Omega Deep Blue 6400K CFL Grow Lamps

Use these during the veg stages of your plants development before switching to the Omega Dual Spectrum CFL Grow Lamps during early flowering, then finish your plants off with the Omega Far Red CFL Grow Lamp for maximum yield and quality.


1 x Omega Deep Blue CFL Grow Lamp (choose your wattage above)


  • Rich blue spectrum for maximising your vegetative stages (6400k)
  • Made to the highest Omega quality possible
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind
  • Highly efficient and optimised
  • E40 Socket Size

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