Maxibright Focus Remote Reflector

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Intense Full Spectrum CDM Lighting Designed for a 1.2m x 1.2m Space

The Maxibright Focus Remote has been designed to bathe your canopy in an intense full spectrum light, giving you strong healthy plants that deliver huge, amazing tasting fruits and crops. This reflector gives an incredibly even 1.2m x 1.2m footprint, pushing every bit of goodness from your CDM lamp on to your plants.The remote version of the Focus lighting system separates your ballast from the reflector, allowing you to place it away from your growing area.

How the Maxibright Focus Remote Reflector works:

The Focus remote reflector has been specifically designed to deliver an even, square spread of high intensity light down to your canopy, it's incredibly well designed, and offers one of the best 'light on target' ratings of any competitive reflector, rivalling that of even the Sunlight Supply LEC but at a lower cost.

You also have the option of the Focus Connect Reflector, with exactly the same design as the Focus Connect but with a plate for the ballast to attach to, this forms a complete, compact unit which hangs in your growing area.

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  • Delivers an incredibly even, square footprint, ideal for a 1.2m x 1.2m space
  • Made from high quality, robust materials
  • Seperate reflector and ballast
  • Gives off 1.9 umols PPF per watt - amazingly efficient!
  • Can be used as a standalone unit or as a supplemental lighting source

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