Omega Black 720w LED Grow Tent Kit

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The Omega Black LED Grow Kit — High Intensity, Low Cost

Buy an Omega Black LED Grow Kit and you're getting a complete set-up for less than the cost of a typical, standalone LED fixture! Truly incredible value for money! Coming in at this price point, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's lacking performance-wise... But you'd be wrong — this LED fixture is an absolute brute, and it's capable of delivering enormous yields.

The R&D team at Omega have utilised the tried and tested Omega Black digital HPS ballast to drive the diodes, which has cut the costs right down without sacrificing on performance.

The slightly higher priced Omega Infinity is the more efficient unit, with an output of 3.0 µmol per watt, but it should be noted that the Omega Black runs at 720 watts compared to the Infinity's 600 watts. So, despite the slightly lower efficiency rating, the Omega Black wins with pure brute force, delivering a trailblazing 1950 µmol/s PPF compared to the Infinity's 1890 and putting out even more light over a given area. If you're prepared to spend around 20% extra on energy (compared to the Infinity) then you'll get even better results.

The only feature that the Omega Black LED is lacking is a controller port, so you'll need to decide whether this is an issue for you. For the vast majority of people, a timer / contactor will do just fine. Other than this, the Omega Black comes with all of the features that you'd expect from a bar LED grow light: a light output rich in all areas of the spectrum (particularly the reds), low heat levels (thanks to the high efficiency), a long shelf-life of 50,000 hours and an almost perfect light spread.

What's Included in this LED Grow Light Kit?

We've teamed this light up with a selection of high-quality grow gear that will get the job done in style.

The BAY6 XL 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m grow tent comes with all of the features that you need to create an enclosed indoor growing environment while keeping set-up costs as low as possible. It will stop lighting from getting in or out of the grow space, preserving your programmed light cycles while keeping your indoor grow as discreet as possible. It has a solid framework that will easily support the grow light and extraction system and has ventilation ports for ducting and for drawing in a fresh supply of air.

You also get the Mammoth TT extraction kit. At this price point, there really is nothing better. The Mammoth TT is twin speed, giving you a degree of control over airflow levels, straight out of the box. The included Mammoth Filter will destroy and odours before they leave the grow space, giving you complete peace of mind.

You also get two pairs of Rope Ratchets to hang your LED grow light and a 10m length of jack chain to hang the fan and filter. To make it even easier to hang your extraction system, take a look at our Fast Clamps. Fast Clamps connect the fan and filter together to form a single, solid unit.


Choose from the following options using the dropdown menu:

Grow Light and Hangers

1 x Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light

2 x Pairs of Rope Ratchets

1 x Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Heavy-Duty Timer


Grow Tent

1 x BAY6 (mylar) - 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m


Extraction system

1 x 125mm Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan

1 x Power Cable (included with fan)

1 x Mammoth Carbon Filter (125/345)

1 x 5m Black Combi Ducting

3 x Duct Clips

1 x 10m Box of Jack Chain


  • Exceptional value for money — you won't get better a better deal than this
  • Capable of producing jaw-dropping yields (get your plant support at the ready)
  • Driven by a digital HPS ballast — keeps the price down while maximising performance
  • High efficiency levels, producing 2.7 µmol per watt of electricity
  • Extremely high-intensity, coming in at 1950 µmol/s PPF
  • One of the lightest bar LED grow lights ever released — weighs next to nothing
  • Supplied mostly pre-assembled — can be up-and-running in five minutes
  • Folds in half so it can still fit through loft hatches, etc.
  • Comes with a BAY6 grow tent to house everything in
  • Twin-speed Mammoth TT extraction kit to remove stale, CO2 depleted air
  • Includes a Mammoth Filter to destroy unwanted plant odours
  • Lasts for 50,000 hours (over a decade on a 12/ 12 cycle)

How To Use

Check out the One Stop Blog for information on how to set up your grow tent, a guide to installing grow room extraction, and a rundown on how to set up your grow light.

The Omega Black LED is supplied pre-assembled. All you need to do is open it up (via the central hinge) and connect up the Omega Black 600w digital HPS ballast. A set of brackets is included to fit the ballast to the fixture.

There are hanging eyelets in each corner of the fixture, so you'll need two pairs of rope ratchets to hang it, which are included.

A heavy-duty timer is included so that you can program your lighting schedules.

Connect the fan and filter together using a short length of ducting and two of the supplied duct clips. Use the rest of the ducting to connect to the outlet end of end of the fan, so that you can duct the air to an outside point. Hang your extraction system using the supplied jack chain.

As always, start off by raising up the Omega Black and running it on a lower setting. You can then increase the intensity and lower your light down as your plants adjust to it.

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