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Cable: 2m Daisy Chain
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Get the Best from Your Maxibright Daylight LED Set-Up

Maxibright iLink Controller Cable

Used to connect a Maxibright Daylight LED to a Maxibright Daylight Lighting Controller. This allows you to regulate the LED's lighting patterns via the controller, while giving you access to an array of features.

Maxibright iLink Daisy Chain Cables (2m and 5m)

If you want to control multiple LEDs from the same controller, use the above-mentioned cable to connect the first LED and then use daisy chain cables to connect the rest of the fixtures together in a chain. For example, if you're running three LED grow lights, you'll need one controller cable and two daisy chain cables.

If you have one of the original V1 Maxibright LED fixtures, you can use these cables to place the bars in different areas of your grow space.

Power Cable Extension

Allows you to position your LED further away from a plug socket.

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Choose from the following options using the dropdown menu:

10026 Daylight LED iLink Daisy Chain Cable 2m

10083 Daylight LED iLink Daisy Chain Cable 5m

10086 Daylight LED iLink Controller Cable 5m

10087 Daylight LED Power Cable Extension 5m



  • Choose from daisy chain cables (2m and 5m), controller cables and power cable extensions
  • Gets the best out of your Maxibright LED set-up
  • Allows you to run multiple lighting fixtures from one controller
  • Makes it easier to position your lighting fixtures in the ideal spots

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