Mammoth Lite Carbon Filters


Size: 4” (300mm) 350m3/hr
Sale price£32.99

Mammoth Lite — The Best Performing Budget Filter

Mammoth Lite carbon filters deliver the same features that you'd expect to see in professional carbon filters, but at budget price points. You're getting 38mm bed depths, which are thicker than most other budget filters. You also get high-grade RC 48 Australian carbon, which is the most sought after in the industry. They're lightweight, highly effective and are a great way to get up and running without breaking the bank.


  • Premium quality at budget price points
  • Bigger bed depths than the competition (38mm)
  • Industry leading RC48 Australian carbon
  • Fine diamond net meshing, for enhanced airflow
  • High-strength steel base
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, from 4-inch to 12-inch
  • Lightweight — won't strain your tent frame


Choose from the following options. Note that the width of the spigot is listed in inches and the length of the filter is in brackets.

4” (300mm) 350m3/hr
5” (300mm) 450m3/hr
6” (300mm) 520m3/hr
6” (600mm) 900m3/hr
8” (600mm) 1220m3/hr
10” (750mm) 1800m3/hr
10” (1000mm) 2500m3/hr
10” (1200mm) 3200m3/hr
12” (750mm) 2500m3/hr
12” (1000mm) 3250m3/hr
12” (1200mm) 4250m3/hr


How To Use

Unwrap the filter and slide on the included fabric pre-filter sleeve.

Connect the carbon filter to the inlet end of your duct fan. You can use two duct clips and a short length of ducting or a fast clamp.

Attach a length of ducting to the outlet end of your duct fan using a duct clip.

Run the ducting to an outside point. A duct-to-wall spigot can help you with this.


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