Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w LED Grow Lights


Light: Zeus Pro 465w 2.9umol
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The Complete Package - Powerful and Efficient with an Even Footprint

Lumatek Zeus Pro LEDs are the most powerful grow lights money can buy, competing alongside the Maxibright Daylight LED grow light and the Gavita 1700e. It delivers an intense, full-spectrum output that's close to natural sunlight, and with an almost perfectly even footprint.

Why Choose a Lumatek LED?

2020's crop of LEDs marked the point where LED lighting overtook HPS as the industry leading technology - and Lumatek LEDs are among the best of the bunch. Like the Maxibright Daylight LED and Gavita LED, it features a design that uses multiple lighting strips. This spreads the diodes out across the canopy, creating a footprint that's almost perfectly even. Regular lamp and reflector set-ups just couldn't get close to this! This type of LED grow light is sometimes called a "spider".

Lumatek LEDs produce full-spectrum lighting that's close to natural sunlight, with a large peak in the red areas. This allows them to pile on plenty of weight during the bloom phase, causing fruits to swell in size. You won't have any problems hitting your targets with these units!

The included controller has four output settings: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It's also possible to regulate multiple units simultaneously using the (separately available) Lumatek lighting controller.

Lumatek LEDs are supplied disassembled, and in boxes that are easy to transport, unlike the Gavita 1700e which requires a pallet delivery. This means that they can easily fit into awkward places - though loft hatches, for instance. They can be assembled by a competent person in a matter of minutes.

With 60,000 hour lifespans, Luamtek LEDs represent amazing value for money. On a 12/12 cycle you can expect to get over 13 years of use from one of these units. And don't forget that you'll never have to change a lamp over this time period, saving you up to £100 a year or £1300+!

To squeeze as much performance as possible from your LED, consider supplementing with CO2.

Recomended Additional Purchase

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1 x Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w 2.7umol or Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w 2.9umol


  • Puts out very little heat - helps maintains an optimal environment
  • Produces full-spectrum light that mimics the sun
  • Super-high photon efficiencies of 2.7 - 2.9 umol per watt respectively
  • Incredible PPF outputs of 1070 and 1620 µmol/s
  • Built with Osram and Lumled LEDs - some of the best diodes in the industry
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Extremely safe to run - splash resistant IP65 certified
  • 60,000 hours lifespan (equivalent to 13.7 years on a 12/12 cycle)
  • No need to buy replacement lamps - save up to £1300 over the years
  • Can be used alongside the Lumatek Control Panel Plus for more control
  • Want a full 600W Lumatek Kit? Upgrade to one here

How To Use

How to Use the Lumatek Zeus Pro

Lumatek Zeus grow lights can be assembled in around five minutes. All you need to do is put together the frame, screw the driver (power supply) in place, fit the LED light strips, and connect up the controller.

The Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w is great for a 1m square area but could be used in a 1.2m area. Lumatek recommend a light height of around 500mm (perhaps a little lower for the 465w version). However, this is only a general guide. When plants first go under an LED grow light they can take a while to adjust to it. When the plants first go under it, we would recommend a slightly higher distance from the light to the top of the canopy, or turning down the power. Over the course of several days the light height can be reduced slowly and/or power can be increased gradually. After the plants have developed it may be possible to reduce the light height to below 500mm. Keep an eye out for any signs of stress (droopy or discoloured leaves) and increase the light height if necessary. 

Lumatek have done a really good job with the instruction manual, and it makes the process incredibly clear.

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