Grassroots Living Soil Beds


Size: 3 ft x 6 ft
Sale price£164.00

Maximise Productivity in Super-Soil with Grassroots Living Soil Beds

Grassroots Living Soil Beds are designed to get the very best out of organic super-soils, massively improving stability in terms of moisture levels and nutrient availability. By using raised beds, you can increase the quantity of media compared to typical container set-ups. The extra volume stops plants from drying out too quickly, which maintains more consistent moisture levels. This creates a much more hospitable environment for microorganisms. Increased levels of bacteria and fungi then work to make nutrients available, which improves overall plant health.

Grassroots Living Soil Beds are supplied with everything you need, including thick, pre-cut pipe and connecting pieces. They take minutes to assemble and they're solid as a rock structurally.

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Fabric outer with pre-cut poles and corner pieces. Choose your size above.


  • Grassroots Living Soil Beds brings the best out of super-soils like Eco-Life Supercharged Potting Soil
  • Built from super-durable fabric made in the USA
  • Uses Moisturelock technology, which optimises moisture levels for enhanced root health
  • Versions available with built-in trellises to assist with plant training and support
  • No need to keep spending money on media. Fill it up once and rejuvenate the soil
  • Grassroots Living Soil Beds hold large volumes of media
  • Great for growers adopting the no-till method
  • Rock-solid construction - features a rigid framework made form thick plastic pipe
  • Quick and easy assembly

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