GK-Organics Kalong Bloom

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Organic Liquid Base Nutrient for the Bloom Stages

Kalong Bloom is a liquid base nutrient for the bloom stages. It's fully organic and vegan friendly. It comes with a low salt index, making it kind to roots, promoting vibrant root health.

With an NPK of 2.5-0-6, Kalong Bloom should be used alongside Guanokalong Powder or Guanokalong Extract. These two guano products complement Kalong Bloom by adding in extra phosphorus.


Choose between 1 litre and 5 litre sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Liquid base nutrient for the bloom stages
  • Use alongside Guanokalong Powder or Guanokalong Extract (to add in phosphorus)
  • Increases the number of beneficial microbes, making your additives more effective
  • Promotes flower formation and the development of large fruits
  • Low salt index - very easy on roots
  • Vegan friendly

How To Use

Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use! GK-Organics Kalong Bloom can be applied right the way through the bloom phase.

Use Kalong Bloom at 1 to 2ml per litre with every watering. Some growers prefer to use it at higher doses (3 to 4 ml) once per week for convenience.

When you make up your feed, make sure you use it straight away. If left for too long, the mixture will start to ferment and release odours.

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