Foilshield Silver & Black Thermal Reflective 120mu Sheeting


Length: 10 metres
Sale price£21.95

Reflects heat back into your grow room!

Foilshield, formerly known as Megashield and Polyshield, is great for stopping heat escaping from escaping from your grow room. Foilshield directs heat back towards your plants, making the inside of your grow area warmer and the outside walls cooler. FLIRmask has vastly superior heat reflecting technology, but Foilshield represents excellent value-for-money in this area.

How Foilshield Works

Foilshield is silver on one side and black on the other. It's been designed to keep heat inside the grow space, which is great for those in colder rooms, like cellars. Rooms fitted with Foilshield will naturally show less of a heat signature from outside, which is a sign that the room is insulated properly. This is a plus point for some, but can be a negative for others if, for instance your temps are too high.

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Foilshield Silver & Black Thermal Reflective 120mu Sheeting - choose your size above

Please note: In order to keep the delivery cost to you down to a minimum, this item may be taken off the roll and loosely folded to fit into our packaging.


  • Great for trapping heat in the grow area
  • Formerly known as Polyshield and Megashield
  • Helps to insulate the space in colder rooms
  • Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • 120 microns thick
  • 1.2 metres in width

How To Use

How to Use Foilshield

Foilshield sheeting can be hung around your grow-space and indeed anywhere in your grow-room – on walls, even on the ceiling, in fact anywhere that light needs to be reflected back towards the garden.

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