Clear Pot Saucer for Orchids


Size: 12cm
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Clear Pot Saucer for Orchids

The Clear Pot Saucer has been designed for use with orchids. It’s the perfect match for our Clear, Round Orchid Pot, catching run-off at feed time while helping to get plenty of light to the roots – something Orchids love!

How the Clear Pot Saucer Works

Our Clear Pot Saucers complement our range of orchid-specific containers which can be found here. Using a saucer will help to catch any run-off at feeding time. Orchids tend to enjoy long dry periods, followed by intense drenching's, so a means of catching run-off is an absolute necessity. Allow 10% run-off at the very least when feeding your orchid.

Because this saucer is translucent, it will also help to get light to the root system. Unlike many other plants, most species of orchid can actually photosynthesize through their roots, generating chlorophyll and developing a green tinge. The majority of other plant species do NOT have this capability, so only use clear containers and saucers if you are absolutely sure that this is the case.

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The Clear Pot Saucer for Orchids is available in 2 sizes: 1 x 13.5cm saucer (clear), or 1 x 16.5cm saucer (clear)


  • Optimized for growing orchids
  • Perfect for catching run-off
  • Highly resistant to cracking
  • Made of transparent plastic

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