Clear, Round Plastic Orchid Pot (9cm - 21cm)


Size: 21cm
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Clear Plastic Orchid Pots

If you want to grow the finest orchids, you're going to need the right pots for the job. Our clear orchid pots have all of the right properties for growing orchids, as recommended by the International Phalaenopsis Alliance.

Clear pots promote healthy roots, allowing light to be filtered through to the root mass, simulating natural growing conditions. New orchid growers will also find watering much easier with its clear design. Orchid pots

How Plastic Orchid Pots Work

Unlike most other plant species, Orchids of the epiphytic variety, such as Phalaenopsis (the most popular orchid species), benefit from having light reach their root systems. These orchid pots promote the growth of vigorous roots; light passes through the clear container, hits the root zone and fuels the process of photosynthesis. Another advantage that transparent material brings is that you can see directly inside the container, giving you a much better idea of when to water.

These clear plastic pots are among the best you can buy, and it's for this reason that they are recommended by the International Phalaenopsis Alliance.

Orchids generally need repotting once every two to three years.

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1 x Round Clear Plastic Orchid Pot in your chosen size


  • Clear plastic pot that's highly resistant to cracking
  • Promotes root photosynthesis in orchids
  • Available in four sizes
  • Superior to ceramic / terra cotta pots
  • Comes with drainage holes at the bottom to reduce excess water
  • Just add orchid potting media


How To Use

Orchids are very sensitive to pathogens; always give your orchid pots and equipment a good clean before starting. Silver Bullet Mist is perfect for the job - it will take care of spores, fungi, protozoa, bacteria and viruses.

Remove your orchid plant from its original plastic pot and gently shake off the excess bark.

Trim the roots back to a length of about 10cm. Remove any brown, decaying roots and leave the white, healthy ones.

Hold your orchid in the centre of the clear plastic pot and gently add some orchid potting mix in around the sides. Do this very carefully, so as not to disturb the roots, which can cause stress. Gently pat the potting mix down to make the orchid nice and stable.

Don't water your orchid too often; every one to two weeks will usually suffice.

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