CarboAir Pre-Filter Socks (Dust Sleeves)


Size: 60mm - 200mm - 1000mm
Sale price£11.99

Clean, Dust-Free Pre-Filters Make for a More Effective Extraction System

Pre-filters stop dust, dirt and airborne particles from clogging up your carbon filter and reducing the airflow through it. Get yourself one of these spares and you'll be able to wash the original pre-filter without experiencing any down time.

How Pre-Filter Socks Works

These fabric pre-filters fit around your carbon filter - air is drawn through the fabric, then through the carbon itself and out via the ducting of your extraction system. The pre-filter is, therefore, the first opportunity to remove dust and particulates before they can clog up the carbon. Once dust finds its way inside the filter, it will start to reduce the rate at which air can flow through your extraction system. Lower airflow rates inevitably make it harder to deal with high temperature and humidity levels, as well as reducing the rate at which CO2 is replaced in the room or tent.

To keep your pre-filter clean, you'll need to wash it. Without a spare, you'd need to stop using your extraction system until your pre-filter was clean and dry, otherwise you'd only make the situation worse. If you keep a spare, you can swap pre-filters over without a problem. It may seem like a trivial issue, but don't forget that your environment is crucial to the success of your indoor garden. Keeping your extraction system running at 100% is one of those things that will help you to maximise the quantity and quality of your harvest.

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1 x Fabric Pre-Filter

Select a size to match your CarboAir filter. The measurements denote: bed depth / flange / length

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  • Clean pre-filters allow for much better airflow in your extraction system
  • Better airflow means better temperature / humidity control, and faster CO2 replenishment
  • Allows you to easily wash your original pre-filter
  • Matched to suit the size of your CarboAir filter

How To Use

How to Use Pre-Filter Socks

Using this item is easy enough - just slide it around the body of your CarboAir filter. We recommend using it with pre-filter bands. These bands are fitted at either end to form a seal, ensuring that air is drawn through the fabric and not under it.

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