BudBox Pro - 1.5m x 3.0m Grow Tent


Variant: White Lining, 2.0m Tall
Sale price£349.99

BudBox Lite - A High Quality, Hard Wearing Grow Tent at an Affordable Price, That Blows Other Budget Tents Out of the Water!

BudBox grow tents entered the market back in 2004 and have a proud reputation for making excellent quality, hard wearing grow tents, setting the standard for all other tents to be judged against. The BudBox Lite grow tent continues this tradition of excellent design and function but at a lower price point for all to enjoy. Although the BudBox Lite tent range is comparatively lower in price than the BudBox Pro Tent range it still features tough, durable, well stitched tent fabric, interlocking heavy duty poles for sturdy support and solid tent connectors, plus ventilation ports to allow ducting to be fitted, to create a perfect portable indoor growing environment.

How the BudBox Lite Grow Tent Works

BudBox tents are widely regarded as the best in the industry, but that hasn't stopped their development team from making improvements. The BudBox Lite grow tent range offers you many of the benefits of the BudBox Pro grow tent range at a fraction of the price. The lightweight and tough, silver lined tent fabric reflects the light emanating from your lamp back towards your plants, while the white powder coated 16mm steel frame work supports your grow lighting and ventilation systems via the hanging rails and hanging straps.

Solid plastic connectors hold the entire structure together, while pulling the tent fabric tight across the expanse to create a sturdy frame. Ventilation panels are present at the base of the tent for increased airflow, perfect if you're drawing in fresh air passively, while other intake and exhaust ports allow you thread though your ducting with ease. The BudBox Lite grow tent range uses quality zips, keeping light, sound and odours inside the tent at all times. A waterproof spill tray ensures that any spillage is contained, giving you peace of mind over your entire grow room setup while you're away from your indoor garden.

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1 x Silver lined fabric tent
12 x Upright poles
12 x Horizontal bars
8 x Corner pieces
2 x Tee pieces
2 x Four way pieces
4 x Hanging rails
4 x Hanging straps
1 x Waterproof spill-tray


  • Perfect for use with a 2 x 750w or 2 x 1000w grow lights
  • High quality, hard wearing grow tent at an affordable price
  • Solid plastic tent connectors provide excellent stability
  • Creates a sealed area that locks in light, smells and sounds
  • Tough and durable yet lightweight, outer shell that's easy to fit in minutes
  • Reflective silver lining reflects light back towards your plants
  • Large ventilation panel/s for increased passive air flow
  • Removable waterproof spill-tray
  • Intake and extraction ports with tightening drawstrings attached, large enough for acoustic ducting
  • White powder-coated 16mm steel framework
  • Quality zips to prevent light leaks

How To Use

How to Use the BudBox Lite Grow Tent

Setting up your grow tent is a very quick and easy process. First, you'll need to construct your framework as shown on the supplied instruction sheet. Then you'll need to unfold and unzip the fabric outer. Look for the bottom area of the fabric outer and fit it to the bottom of the tent frame. Once it's secured, you can then pull the rest of the tent up and over the top of the frame. A copy of the instruction sheet can be found in the attachments section, just below this description.

Which Size Fan and Filter Do I Need For My Grow Tent?

There exists a (relatively) easy formula to work out which size extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (meters cubed) of your grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Then, using that figure do, Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (this will refresh the air in your grow room every minute).

If you are using a filter, Air Movement Per Hour x 1.2 = the amount of air your fan will need to move - use the figures below to match up your space to your preferred fan and filter combo! Check out our range of Extraction Kits and Digital Extraction Kits to find your perfect ventilation system.

Bear in mind it's always better to over spec your fan and reduce its output with a controller, this gives you the flexibility to increase its output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for example in the middle of summer.

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