Bay6 Miniprop & Omega 9w Clone LED Propagation Tent Kit

KITSSKU: 60001

Sale price£109.99

Make Propagation as Easy as Possible

Introducing the Ultimate Propagation Tent Kit featuring Omega LED Clone Strips and Bay6 Miniprop Tent – a complete game-changer for plant propagation.

The Omega LED Clone Strips provide essential full-spectrum light, mimicking sunlight for faster root development and healthier growth, ensuring higher success rates.

The Bay6 Miniprop Tent is a robust structure with lightproof and reflective properties, creating an ideal environment for delicate plants. It offers ample space for multiple trays, easy monitoring, and maintenance.

Set up effortlessly, save energy with Omega LED Clone Strips, and create a safe, controlled habitat for tender cuttings.

Our energy-efficient kit supports sustainable practices for indoor gardeners and commercial growers, revolutionizing propagation and unlocking plant potential.

Elevate your propagation game with our comprehensive kit – experience the power of precision lighting for successful cloning and seedling development.


  • Propagate up to 48 plants immediately
  • Perfect light and tent combo
  • Huge roots in record time with Clonex rooting gel
  • Incredibly healthy roots thanks to Shogun Katana Roots
  • High quality lighting with the Omega 9w Clone strips

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