Bay6 Dual Purpose 130 & Omega Clone LED Propagation Tent Kit

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The Perfect Mass Propagation Setup

Introducing the Ultimate Propagation Tent Kit with Omega LED Clone Strips and Bay6 Dual Purpose Tent! Create the perfect environment for propagating your plants with our state-of-the-art kit, designed to take your propagation game to the next level.

The kit includes the cutting-edge Omega LED Clone Strips, providing your tender seedlings and cuttings with the essential full-spectrum light they need for faster root development and healthier growth. Mimicking natural sunlight, these high-performance LED strips ensure increased success rates.

The heart of our kit is the Bay6 Dual Purpose Tent, a versatile and robust structure offering the ideal environment for delicate young plants. Constructed with premium materials, the tent ensures lightproof and reflective properties, maximizing light efficiency and preventing unwanted external light from disturbing your plants.

The tent's ample space accommodates multiple trays of clones or seedlings, enabling you to expand your propagation efforts effortlessly. With multiple ventilation ports and zippered access points, monitoring and tending to your plants is convenient.

Setup is a breeze, and the tent is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment for your plants to thrive. The Omega LED Clone Strips are energy-efficient, reducing power consumption while providing the perfect light for your plants' needs. Their low heat output ensures a safe and temperature-controlled environment for your tender cuttings.

Embrace sustainability and environmentally friendly practices with our energy-efficient propagation tent kit. Whether you're an indoor gardener or a commercial grower, our kit will revolutionize your propagation process and unlock the full potential of your plants.

Take your propagation skills to new heights and witness incredible results with our comprehensive propagation tent kit today! Unleash the power of light and precision for successful cloning and seedling development.


  • Propagate up to 96 plants immediately
  • Perfect light and tent combo
  • Huge roots in record time with Clonex rooting gel
  • Healthy roots thanks to Shogun Katana Roots
  • High quality lighting with the Omega 18w clone strip twin pack

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