Aqualine Flex Tanks


Size: 100L
Sale price£49.99

Aqualine Flex Tanks

Flex Tanks make great nutrient reservoirs and they can be configured to work with an array of different grow systems. Because they're supplied packed into a small box, they're much easier to transport and store, and much less cumbersome than regular solid tanks. If discretion is important to you, then we'd recommend opting for a Flex Tank.


  • Manufactured to extremely high standards
  • Ideal for use as a reservoir tank in an array of set-ups and systems
  • Packs up flat - easy to transport and store
  • Available in four sizes - something for every grow room
  • Easy to set up - no tools required

    How To Use

    The Aqualine Flex Tank is easy to set up. All you need to do is fit the taps and insert the poles into the sleeves on the tank lining. That's it.

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