600w Grow Light Kits with Omega Black Ballast & Lamp


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Omega Black 600W Digital Kit - High Quality, Low Price.

Omega Black 600w Digital Lighting Kits are regarded as being the industry 'go-to' lighting system. It boasts excellent value for money, alongside giving growers the tools to produce massive results. Included in this kit is the Omega Black 600w Digital Dimmable Ballast, the industry standard Euro Reflector and the high-yielding Omega 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp.

If this wasn't enough, the Omega Black 600w Digi Kit comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

How the Omega Black 600W Digital Kit Works

These kits give you everything you need to produce great yields for an extremely low start-up cost, making them ideal for growers operating on tight budgets and for those looking to kit out larger rooms without breaking the bank. The digital ballast comes with safety features, like soft start (lowering inrush current and reducing spikes) and thermal protection. This gives you much greater peace of mind when leaving the grow area for prolonged periods. It's capable of driving both metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS lamps). MH lamps have a bit of extra blue light, making them better for the veg stages, so it's handy to have the ability to swap out lamps, if needed.

The award winning Omega grow lamp delivers 813 umol/m2/sec, giving you the highest performing budget lamp on the market (independently tested by ourselves). You're not going to get the same performance as a top-end LED grow light, but those units are much pricier. In terms of the cost to performance ratio, these kits are simply outstanding. It's tuned towards the red areas of the light spectrum, making it an ideal choice for the bloom phase. Red light is known to bulk up fruit production, which is why HPS lighting has been used in industrial horticultural settings for decades. It's a dual-spectrum lamp, so it also has a degree of blue light. This helps it to get somewhat closer to natural sunlight - the blues reduce stretching, tightening internodes and making more efficient use of the grow space.


  • The highest quality budget lighting kit on the UK market
  • Contains Omega Ballast, Lamp and Euro Reflector
  • Can be dimmed to 250w, 400w, 600w and 660w (10% super lumen boost mode for added output)
  • Digital ballasts are roughly 30% more efficient than older, traditional magnetic ballasts
  • Perfect for a 1.2m x 1.2m area
  • Ideal for beginners, hobbyists or those growing BIG
  • No loud humming sounds like magnetic ballasts
  • Omega components = industry favoruites
  • 1-9 Units = £54.99
  • 10+ Units = £49.99 - please call for more details 01782 7549955

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