2.4m x 2.4m Professional Full Grow Tent Kit

Sale price£4,500.00

This 2.4m x 2.4m full grow tent kit includes everything you need to grow 12 plants with epic results.

Featuring some of the best products in hydroponics. This full grow tent kit gives you everything you need to grow 12 high yielding plants.

The kit is based on the industry leading BudBox pro white tent. 2.4m x 2.4m and 2.0m high, there's a ready it's been voted best grow tent several years running. Built to last, its solid metal framework is rated to take a lot of weight, metal click-lock connectors everything stable and high quality tent fabric with precision stitching keeps it completely light tight.

Four of the ground-breaking Omega Infinity 3.0umol 600w LEDs provide your plants with high intensity, full spectrum light to maximise growth. They're not just incredibly powerful, they're packed with high end features, including magnetic clip-on bars for assembly in seconds, rock solid build quality and a high specification, dimmable ballast.

Top of the range G.A.S extraction helps you to maintain the perfect environment. CarboAir filters feature coarser, higher quality carbon, which means you don't have to compromise between excellent airflow and complete odour control. Paired with the Rhino Ultra Silenced Fan and Rhino 2EC + RH Fan Controller enabling you to set day, night and humidity values, as well as min/max speed and negative pressure.

That's not all, there's a full suite of Plagron Coco nutrients & Plagron Cocos Premium media. Plagron Nutrients were developed to deliver incredible results and be extremely easy to use, and we know from our own use and from customer feedback - they deliver the goods. 

Finally, you'll receive 12 RhizoPot Fabric Pots, sturdy Round Pot Saucers, a Grow Gadgets Hygrometer  




1 x A BudBox Pro White 2.4m x 2.4m tent
4 x Omega Infinity 600w LED Grow Lights
1 x Rhino 10 inch Ultra Silent Fan 
1 x (50mm BED) 10" CarboAir 50 Filter
1 x 10 Inch Metu Clamp
1 x 10 Inch Phonic Trap Ducting 6m
1 x Grow Gadgets Hygrometer
8 x Black Rope ratchets
12 x 16L Black Rhizopots
12 x 35mm Black Round Deep Saucer
1 x 5L Plagron Cocos A&B
1 x 1L Plagron Green Sensation
1 x 1L Plagron Power Buds
1 x 1L Plagron Hydro Roots
5 x 50L Plagron Cocos Premium 50 litre

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