Pay with Bitcoin

An Innovative New Payment System

We are proud to have been the first hydroponics retailer in the UK to accept bitcoin! When you choose "Bitcoin" on our checkout you will be directed to the BitPay portal where you can click the link to use your Bitcoin wallet. Payment is fast, easy and secure, adding an extra layer of privacy to your purchase. Please note that Bitpay have recently adopted a new standard for receiving payments: users no longer have to manually copy addresses, and transaction information is now pulled automatically into wallet software. It's easier than it's ever been to spend your bitcoins - just check that you're happy with the amounts and miners' fees and hit the send button!


Most major wallets are compatible, including Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Airbitz and Mycellium. You'll find more information at the BitPay support pages. If you have any issues paying with bitcoin, call 01782 749 955 for advice from our in-house crypto currency experts.

Many of you will be pleased to hear that we now accept Bitcoin Cash, allowing you to spend any currency that you may have accumilated during the Bitcoin Cash fork in 2017. For more information, visit


Bitcoin Explained


Where to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be purchased quickly and easily using sites like Coinbase, Local Bitcoins and Bit Bargain. Coinbase allows you to link a bank card to your account and swap pounds for bitcoin. Localbitcoin and bitbargain allow you to purchase the currency directly from sellers, both online and in person.

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