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Essential Kit Add-Ons

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1 x 600w Coco Add-On
Special Price £44.96 Regular Price £49.95
2 x 600w Coco Add-On
Special Price £71.96 Regular Price £79.95
4 x 600w Coco Add-On
Special Price £134.96 Regular Price £149.95
1 x 600w Soil Add-On
Special Price £44.96 Regular Price £49.95
2 x 600w Soil Add-On
Special Price £71.96 Regular Price £79.95
4 x 600w Soil Add-On
Special Price £134.96 Regular Price £149.95
In stock
  • Specced to help you get the best out of our Essential Grow Tent Kits
  • Comes with professional-grade base nutrients and media
  • Choose coco for the biggest yields or organic for the best flavours
  • Supplied with high-quality black saucers to collect run-off
  • Allows you to keep an eye on temperature and humidity levels
  • Comes with RAM Fan(s) to keep the air in your grow tent well circulated
  • Complete with measuring syringes and a two litre jug

Upgrade Your Essentials Kit!

These add-ons will help to get the very best out of your Essential Kit, providing you with the extra items that you'll need to start growing in style, including media, nutrients, saucers, clip-on fans, hygrometers, jugs and syringes. Choose between coco or soil versions, with options available for one, two or four lights.

How Essential Kit Add-Ons Work

Essential Kits provide you with the equipment that you need to get up and running on a budget. Essential Add-Ons fill in the gaps by providing you with nutrients, media, measuring equipment, fans and hygrometers.

Nutrients and Media

Choose between coco and soil. We've selected industry renowned Canna Coco Natural media and Nano Coco Base+ nutrients for coco growers, which will help you to max out your yields. Our soil kits are fully organic, featuring Plant Magic's Soil Supreme media and Oldtimer Grow and Bloom nutrients. Organic soil growing makes life easier by simplifying your feeding routine, and it also delivers a particularly tasty end-product! 


These saucers are matched to the Air Pruner pots found in our Essential kits; they'll catch your run-off without leaving a mess, and they're manufactured from crack-resistant black plastic.

Circulation Fans

RAM Clip-On Fans help to evenly distribute CO2, while increasing the strength of branches and stems, and improving overall growth rates. Circulation fans keep things fresh, reducing the likelihood of encountering mould or powdery mildew.

Agrolab Hygrometer

It's standard practice to monitor the environmental conditions in your grow tent. Moisture and heat levels will need to be bang-on to facilitate peak growth rates. The Agrolab Hygrometer displays accurate temperature and humidity information, allowing you to make the relevant adjustments when necessary.

Measuring and Mixing

It's essential that nutrients are measured out as accurately as possible, and syringes are perfect for the job. We've also included a 2 litre jug, which is ideal for hand-watering or for measuring out larger volumes of liquid.

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