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EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller with CO2 Regulator

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  • Increases CO2 levels and produces super-charged plants, that carry extra weight
  • EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller monitors CO2 levels, correcting any imbalance detected
  • Provides accurate, long-term readings, with a reading range of 0-50,000 PPM
  • Intelligent dosing and learning function, avoids CO2 overdosing
  • Quickly adjusts and stabilizes CO2 levels in your desired area
  • Solid state CO2 sensor, doesn't use probes
  • Timer can be setup in seconds, minutes and hours for both lights on and off periods
  • Incredibly reliable, easy to program with only three button operation
  • Back lit LCD display
  • EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator controls the flow of CO2 into your room  
  • Produces precise doses of CO2 with a fixed flow rate of 15 litres per minute
  • Connects to a CO2 bottled gas cylinder (sold separately)
  • Comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty

Experience Effortless, Cost Effective CO2 Control and Supplementation with the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller and Regulator Kit

Once you've mastered the art of indoor gardening, take the plunge into growing with supplemental CO2, using the simple yet effective EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller and Regulator Kit. Included in this kit is everything you need to administer higher levels of CO2 than you would typically find in the surrounding air.

The EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller monitors the CO2 levels present at any given time and initiates the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator to correct any imbalance detected. The EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator uses a solenoid valve to control the flow of CO2 into the grow area, while the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller keeps track of CO2 levels. Expect to see a vast increase in plant growth and yields as a result, beyond anything you've experienced before!


How the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller and Regulator Kit Works

CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that plays an essential role in the process of photosynthesis. Typically, the atmosphere around us has CO2 present in concentrations of around 360 parts per million (ppm). Plants can use up this ambient level of CO2 within an hour, and when levels drop below 200ppm, growth will quickly start to stall. This issue can be addressed by equipping your grow room with an adequate extraction system; however, plants can use more CO2 than is generally present in the atmosphere. When used correctly, supplementary CO2 has numerous benefits, it makes plants more tolerant to higher temperatures, triggers amplified growth rates, leading to improved harvests, in terms of quality and quantity. Optimal levels of CO2 are between 1000ppm and 1200ppm; levels higher than this can be detrimental, while levels above 2000ppm actually become toxic to your plants. At 4000ppm to 5000ppm levels become toxic to humans!

The EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller is the perfect way to monitor, regulate and supplement CO2 in your grow area. When used in conjunction with the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator it will maintain a consistent level of CO2 in the grow area at any given time. When CO2 levels fall, the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller initiates the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator, correcting the ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in your growing area, for explosive growth and heavier blooms.

The EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller has an easy to navigate menu system where you can set your ideal time limit to the second, making it very useful when dealing with light and dark periods, as plants don't need the CO2 in the dark period when they're not photosynthesising. The EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller has 'intelligent dose' and 'learn' functions, adding extra CO2 when needed and storing that information for future use. The dose function can sense when CO2 levels are too high as well as too low. This function slows the flow of CO2, allowing your extraction system to take over and purge the excess levels from the area. This keeps your plants happy and healthy, avoiding any chance of toxic CO2 levels becoming an issue.

The automated learn function keeps information about your growing environment for future use, anticipating potential CO2 issues before they arise. Simply put, the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller can monitor and regulate CO2 levels, leaving you extra time to enjoy your indoor garden and boosting your growth rate and yields beyond belief.

The EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator administers the CO2 into your growing area and connects to a charged CO2 Gas cylinder, with the CO2 releasing when the solenoid valve opens. The valve on the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator stays open until the CO2 level hits the predetermined CO2 limit or time limit set on the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller before shutting off to avoid toxic CO2 levels in your growing area.

For more information on CO2, read this article on the One Stop Grow Shop Blog.



1 x EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller
1 x ProLeaf CO2 Regulator
1 x IEC wire able kettle plug
1 x Instruction leaflet


Recommended additional purchases

CO2 Cylinder (sold separately)

EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller Dimensions
16cm x 6cm

EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller Output Rating
4 Amp (960 watts)

EcoTechincs CO2 Regulator Dimensions
18cm x 13cm

EcoTechincs CO2 Regulator Flow rate
15 litres per minute



How to Use the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller and Regulator Kit

The EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller must first be connected to the regulator then, connected to a CO2 cylinder. This is done using the wireable IEC kettle plug that comes with the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller. Ensure the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller has been set at a similar height to the canopy level to give accurate readings of CO2 in the growing area. Once connected, plug the EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller into an electrical socket, switch on and navigate the menu using the "set" button to cycle through each menu in turn, editing the settings as you see fit.

Open the valve on the CO2 gas cylinder, which will allow the flow of CO2 into the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator. The outlet point of the EcoTechnics CO2 Regulator will then release CO2 at levels set on your EcoTechnics Evolution PPM Controller. CO2 is heavier than the surrounding air, so you should consider fitting a suitable length of pipe to the regulator outlet and running it to a point just above your plants canopy.

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