Autopilot CO2 Generator

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Gas-Powered CO2 Generation

The Autopilot CO2 Generator connects to a gas supply, generating CO2 by burning off the gas via four separate electronically triggered ignitors and burners – no pilot light required! The Autopilot is also loaded with safety features that will ensure peace of mind at all times. A cost-effective and hassle-free way to start increasing yields by as much as 20 percent!

How the Natural Gas CO2 Generator Works

The sugars that make up the majority of plant materials are gathered from the air by splitting CO2 into carbon and oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. For this reason, once you have all other environmental issues addressed, supplementing with carbon dioxide (CO2) can help to boost yields by as much as 10 - 20%!

The Autopilot system works by burning off gas, which in turn releases CO2 into the surrounding atmosphere. Choose the four-burner system can enhance CO2 levels in a room of 16 - 30 m²; choose the eight burner system and you can cover areas of between 32 and 60m².

The Autopilot system is loaded with safety features so that you can run it with peace of mind at all times. If the unit were to tip over, the built-in safety switch would automatically switch off the gas supply. Also, the two-stage safety pilot valve ensures that gas cannot flow through the system when the unit is not in use. No pilot light is necessary to ignite gases, as the Autopilot instead relies on a solid state ignition system, which, again, adds another layer of safety to the unit's operation.

The unit is supplied with the required accessories for hanging it in an optimal spot – CO2 is heavier than the surrounding air and will naturally drop as it is released, so a high generation point is advisable. The bottom of the unit will need unrestricted airflow when in operation, so for safety reasons, hanging is absolutely essential.

It should be noted that an obvious side effect of burning gas to generate CO2 is excess heat. Less obvious is the fact that burning gas will also increase atmospheric humidity levels. The majority of people using the Autopilot, however, will be using it alongside an Opticlimate as part of a closed loop system (preventing the CO2 from being sucked straight from the room by an extractor fan). We always recommend using an Opticlimate model with more cooling and heating power than required for your lights. The spare capacity will ensure that you are able to deal with the additional heat and moisture.


4 Burner: 338mm x 275mm x 556mm

8 Burner: 478mm x 275mm x 556mm


4 Burner: 6.85kg

8 Burner: 9.2kg

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1 x Autopilot CO2 Generator. Choose from the following options:

1 x Propane Gas 4K CO2 Generator - for rooms  of around 16 - 30 m²

1 x Natural Gas 4K CO2 Generator - for rooms  of around 16 - 30 m²

1 x Propane Gas 8K CO2 Generator - for rooms  of around 32 - 60m²

1 x Natural Gas 8K CO2 Generator - for rooms  of around 32 - 60m²


  • Compatible with the Dimlux Maxi Controller / CO2 Sensor
  • Options available that run on propane or natural gas
  • Choose from 4 burner or 8 burner system
  • A more cost-effective alternative to CO2 cylinders
  • A doddle to operate
  • Two-stage safety pilot valve
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Precision engineered burners manufactured from brass
  • Solid state electronic ignition
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel

How To Use

How to Use Natural Gas CO2 Generators

Set-up will differ depending on your chosen model and will need to be undertaken by a technically competent person, but full instructions are included.

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