Eazy Pyramid 4.8 litre

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  • Teams up perfectly with Easy Plugs and Easy Blocks
  • Saves time and mess - doesn't require any potting up
  • Air-pruning effect delivers faster root growth and a more robust rhizosphere
  • Great capillary action - delivers excellent results when bottom fed
  • Made from organic materials - coco and organic bonding agent
  • Works brilliantly in a variety of grow systems, including drippers and flood & drain

Amazing Results Without the Hassle!

Eazy Pyramids are the quickest and easiest way to get growing - no pots or bags of media required! Just transplant your cuttings into the pyramids and give them some nutrient. They're compatible with a wide array of hydroponic systems, and they're made from organic materials (coco and an organic bonding agent). Simple and effective.


How Eazy Pyramids Work

When you grow with Eazy Pyramids, there's no need to purchase bags of media or containers - the pyramid gives you everything you need. They're made from organic materials (mainly coco), and you can use them with almost any grow system. They work particularly well with drippers, but they also have great capillary action (the ability to absorb liquid), making them ideal for bottom fed grow systems.

Eazy Pyramids also utilise the root-pruning effect to speed up plant growth. As roots hit the open sidewalls, the end of each root dies off. This stimulates development, triggering plants to send out more roots from the centre. The result is a dense, radial root system that fills the entire pyramid.

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Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 15cm

Volume: 4.8 litres

Dried weight: 0.5 kg

Moist weight: 3.6 kg

How to Use Eazy Pyramids

You'll notice that the Eazy Pyramid has a square at the top that's designed to house a 3-inch Eazy Block (3-inch Rockwool cubes will also fit perfectly). Place your cube on this square and the roots will grow down into the pyramid. Be careful not to move the block during the initial stages or you'll risk causing damage. Once roots are sufficiently developed, the block and pyramid will sit together as a single, solid unit.

Alternatively, you can cut a suitably sized hole in the top of the pyramid and transplant your cutting straight into it.

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