Why Everyone's Talking About Emerald Harvest

The Fantastic New Range From Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest is a Californian nutrient range that has proved to be a smash-hit on social networking platforms, generating an enormous buzz since its launch. This has largely been down to the positive feedback that it has received from countless satisfied customers, who have been happy to show off the fruits of their labour. That fact that it is a highly effective nutrient comes as little surprise when you realise that the company is headed up by one of the creators of Advanced Nutrients, Big Mike Straumietis' former partner Robert Higgins. 

Higgins and his expert team set out to simplify things by creating a range that produces exceptional results with only seven simple products. Emerald Harvest fuses mineral feeds with organic additives to create a range that satisfies in terms of both quality and quantity, and it does so in any grow medium or system. Read on for more info on why this is one of the hottest nutrients we've come across for a while.

Utilise the Power of Chelated Base Nutrients

Cali Pro Grow and Cali Pro Bloom A&B are two-part base nutrients that are formulated using chelated ingredients. The word 'chelation' means 'to claw' or 'to bind'. The science can be quite complicated, but in effect, chelates are agents that bind themselves to micro-nutrients, making them more easily available to the plant. Experienced growers may be aware of something called Liebig's 'Law of the Minimum', which states that a plant's health will always be held back by the nutrient that it has the least of in relation to its needs, even if every other nutrient is at optimal levels. Chelated micronutrients like manganese, copper and zinc  help to prevent deficiencies that can sometimes end up getting overlooked. If every micro-nutrient is delivered in the quantities required, then your plants will be in the best position to reach their full potential.

Another key benefit of chelated nutrients is that they're much more forgiving, which makes them ideal for beginners, but still helpful to more experienced growers. Many of the nutrients can be absorbed across a wider pH range than typical mineral-based feeds, allowing acidity levels to fluctuate without causing as many issues.

Strengthen Populations of Beneficial Microorganisms

Root Wizard and Honey Chome work together to colonise the root-zone with armies of beneficial bacteria. These microbes help to maintain the health of the rhizosphere, actively fighting off root diseases like pythium, keeping your crop protected. They also increase nutrient uptake, so that the other products in the range can be absorbed to their full potential. Root Wizard only needs to be used for two weeks of the growing cycle: once during the early veg stages and once during the second week of flower - one week to inoculate and one week to boost the colonies.  It introduces no less than six strains of bacteria that each play different roles in promoting plant health.

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - 2.5 x 107 cfu/ml
Bacillus licheniformis - 2.0 x 107 cfu/ml
Bacillus subtilis - 2.0 x 107 cfu/ml
Bacillus laevolacticus - 2.0 x 107 cfu/ml
Bacillus pateurii - 1.0 x 107 cfu/ml
Paenibacillus azotofixans - 1.0 x 106 cfu/ml

Honey Chome delivers a source of carbohydrates that provides nutrition to these microorganisms, while also feeding the plant itself. By adding in Honey Chome, you'll massively enhance the effects of Root Wizard.  Expect to see an all-round increase in the production of essential oils within the plant, which delivers an end-product with pungent aromas and a greater depth of flavours.

Boost Photosynthesis for Faster Growth Rates

Emerald Goddess is an all-round tonic that acts on plants' hormonal systems, pushing them to produce bigger and better fruits. Like the other products in the range, it contains an array of ingredients that boost growth rates, but in this case the most important is something called triacontanol, which is known to push growth to its absolute limits. Triacontanol is a phytohormone that boosts levels of chlorophyll - the compound that gives plants their green colour. Chlorophyll is also a key component in the process of photosynthesis, where light energy from your grow lamp is used to split carbon dioxide (CO2) from the surrounding air into its component parts of carbon and oxygen. The carbon then gets used to manufacture sugars, causing fruits to swell up in size. Triacontanol is as powerful as any PGR, but unlike some of the PGRs on the market is completely natural and non-carcinogenic.

Emerald Goddess also contains a healthy dose of humic acid, which further enhances nutrient uptake, thiamine (vitamin B1), which increases plants' resistance to outside stressors, like pests, pathogenic fungi and bacteria, as well as kelp, which contains an array of nutrients and growth hormones.

Push Plants Further During Bloom

King Kola is bloom booster that produces excellent results right the way through the bloom phase. Other nutrient ranges offer a multitude of different PK boosters that need to be used at different weeks of the flowering cycle. With so many different bottles, it can all get very confusing... Emerald Harvest make it easy by requiring only one. Adding King Kola early on helps with the transition from veg to flower, kicking plants into action as soon as possible. This helps to keep height levels down, which is great for those with limited headroom, and it also increases concentrations of flowering sites. The more flowering sites you can generate earlier on, the bigger the potential is for the growth of fruits further down the line. As you progress through the weeks, you can simply increase the dosage to give your plants the extra phosphorus and potassium that they need to pile on as much weight as possible.

If you like the sound of what you've heard so far, but you're not quite ready to go all-in with the full range, then you can dip your toe in the water by adding some of the Emerald Harvest boosters in with your other nutrients. Add Root Wizard, Honey Chome, Emerald Goddess and King Kola to your regular base nutrients and prepare to witness explosive results!

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