Root Shoot – The Best Alternative to Roots Excel?

Roots Excel has long been regarded as the best root enhancer in the industry; it’s a product with a huge following of growers who simply won’t use anything else (though we think that may well be about to change…). That’s because Roots Excel is one of those additives that produces undeniable, visible effects within days of running it. Over the years, countless side-by-side tests have been performed using Roots Excel and it proves its worth every time. You can expect to see an abundance of vibrant, pearly-white roots that exude health and vitality.

Somehow, the chemists at Monkey Nutrients have managed to develop a product that has what it takes to match Roots Excel and, dare we say, steal its crown. Root Shoot is an extremely potent root booster that delivers results that are on a par with Roots Excel; add just a small dose to your tank (it’s super-concentrated at 0.3ml per litre) and watch your roots go wild, exploding in very short order. This explains why Root Shoot has been flying off the shelves just lately and why we’re getting so much positive customer feedback.

Why Do You Need a Root Booster?

Roots are a plant’s driving force and play as much of a role in your overall success as the activity in top half of the plant does. They are responsible for absorbing moisture and nutrients from the substrate, which is crucial to growth and development; healthy plants need a healthy rhizosphere or, as the team at Monkey Nutrients like to say, ‘there’s no fruits without roots’.

What’s Different About Root Shoot?

Though Root Shoot isn’t officially classed as an organic product, it is 100% naturally derived, with no synthetic chemicals. In fact, one of the most important ingredients is a powerful seaweed extract that’s made using cold pressed arctic kelp. Cold pressing preserves the integrity of the biological growth stimulants, and this is one of the reasons why Root Shoot is teeming with them, along with an array of vitamins and nutrients. It has exceptionally high concentrations of cytokinins – a collection of plant hormones (phyto hormones) that stimulate cell division and modulate growth rates. Increased cell division speeds up the formation of new shoots. This accelerated shoot development dramatically enhances vegetative growth, decreasing your turnaround times while generating a dense root system that fills the space in your containers.

Tightly compact root systems allow plants to reach their full potential as they progress through the later stages. What you do in veg on has a direct impact on your results come harvest time, so it pays to invest in your root systems early on – that’s why the team at Monkey recommend adding in Root Shoot from week one of the veg cycle.

A healthy root system will push nutrient uptake to its limits, squeezing as much performance as possible from your other nutrients and additives, so it also helps you to get better value for money.

Root Shoot has been formulated with a big dose of molasses. The chemists at Monkey Nutrients decided to go down the route of promoting colonies beneficial bacteria and fungi, as opposed to the sterile route that some manufacturers adopt. Adding Molasses doesn’t just feed the plant with a potent source of carbohydrates, it also feeds the microorganisms in the substrate. These microbes perform an array of plant-boosting tasks, converting nutrients to available forms, warding off pathogens and increasing the surface area of the rootzone to further increase uptake.

As well as containing naturally occurring minerals, there’s a good dose of B1 (thiamine) and B5 (pantothenic acid). Thiamine is known to have a profound effect on root growth and development, and it also helps plants to utilise carbohydrates more effectively. Pantothenic acid assists with an array of cellular processes, ramping up metabolic rates.

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