Plant Burns & How To Treat Them

Plants need light to grow, everybody knows that, but understanding how much light your plants need is key, and sometimes, less is more.

Like any light, your fixtures produce a lot of heat within your grow room. A lot of people are able to control the temperature of their grow room, but one common mistake is letting your plants get too close to your lights as this can burn and singe the plants leaves.  They'll appear slightly yellow but the outside of the leaf will most likely stay green

One simple fix is to move your light up higher in your tent so it's away from your leaves, as this will do two things. One, stop your plant from getting burnt and stressed due to the heat. And two, it'll give your plants more room to keep growing!

It's also a good idea to make sure that your environment is spot on (temperature, humidity etc), as then you can rule that out for any other colour changes that happen in your plants. We love the G.A.S Enviro Controller as it'll allow you to control all aspects of your grow room.

As we've mentioned in previous blogs, it's always good when your plants have gone through any kind of stress to give them a little "pick me up". One product you could use to boost their health would be Canna Cure. Another would be Advanced Nutrients Revive.

Canna Cure is a very simple way to keep your plants leaves healthy as it stimulates leaf growth within your plants. Although it may not turn the yellow burnt parts of the plant back to green, it's going to help to keep the rest of your leaves happy. Pair this with some silica for general plant health and your plants will be growing healthy again in no time at all!

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