Great things come in custard yellow bottles ...

At One Stop Grow Shop we have always prided ourselves on stocking a very wide choice of the best plant nutrients. However, we're very picky about what we stock and only the very best (tried and proven) brands actually make it onto our shelves. That's why we are proud to announce that we have just received delivery of the fantastic Advanced Floriculture "Bloom" range of nutrients and boosters. And we have found that great things do, in fact, come in custard yellow bottles!

More commonly known amongst it's users as the "Yellow Bottle" range, Advanced Floriculture Bloom is quickly gaining respect from it's followers as one of the top nutrients that money can buy.

Although the "bloom" might lead you into thinking that their products are just for using in flowering, but in fact they are nutrients for all the way through your grow from start to finish. And the range is quite an extensive one - almost comparable to Advanced Nutrients and Humboldt Nutrients. These multi-component nutrient systems offer the grower the ability to finely optimise their nutrient and booster profile at every stage of the grow. This means that a grower who has every last detail of his grow environment completely nailed down now has the opportunity to go the next step and get even more quality and quantity from their plants.

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Let's have a look at some of the individual products in this range that make it so great:

bloom COCO base nutrient

Although the name bloom COCO might make you think this is just a main nutrient for coco-grown plants, it is actually for use in ANY substrate including soil, coco and hydro (e.g. clay pebbles). bloom COCO is available in Grow and Flower versions, each one optimised for it's corresponding growth stage. bloom COCO is a 2-part base nutrient and Part A and Part B should always be used in equal amounts. Parts A and Parts B are purchased separately:

bloom COCO Grow A    bloom COCO Grow B

bloom COCO Flower A    bloom COCO Flower B

Made from the finest ingredients, Advanced Floriculture's bloom COCO is up there with the very best nutrients that you can buy.  All the nutrients are chelated for super-easy absorption. Plus bloom COCO contains vitamins and fulvic acid for tip-top plants and the very best yields and quality crops. All the macro, secondary and micro nutrients are fully represented in the optimal amounts meaning the basis of your feeding schedule is completely taken care of.

bloom EURO base nutrient

Some people prefer to choose a nutrient that can be used all the way through from veg to flower. bloom EURO is a 2-part base nutrient designed to do exactly that! Like bloom COCO, it is still a top quality nutrient but made with convenience in mind and can be used in any medium (soil, coco, hydro). Parts A and Parts B are sold separately

bloom EURO A    bloom EURO B

Advanced Floricultuted nutrients along with vitamins and fulvic acid for the biggest and best crops attainable, all with the added convenience of needing just 2 bottles for the whole grow!

bloom PRE

bloom PRE is a booster that seems to have no equivalent from any other manufacturer! It is used mid-late veg and it has the effect of keeping internodes short (keeping plant height down). It also increases photosynthesis and helps to create wider and bushier plants.

bloom PRE

This is one of the products that Advanced Floriculture recommend you try out as a taste-tester of what their range is capable of.

Keeping plants short and bushy and decreasing their internode length produces a great structure for indoor flowering, where light penetration to the plant tops is key to fantastic blossoms. Ultimately, flowers are produced at the nodes, and the more nodes receiving the full intensity of the grow-lamp means increased yields.

The increase in photosynthesis causes greatly increased growth for 3-4 weeks after application, by which time the plants will be just about entering the fruiting stage of their lifecycle. This is the point where the grower will add the next boost in the bloom range:

bloom ULTRA

bloom ULTRA triggers and accelerates flower development, while simultaneously reducing stretch and de-stressing the plant. Lower levels of stress mean that there is a much reduced chance of hermaphroditism (producing male flowers) further down the line.

bloom ULTRA

This is the other booster (other than PRE) that Advanced Floriculture recommend you try out as a taste-tester of what their range is capable of.

The much reduced stretch keeps the internodes short and again this sets the plant up with a great structure for heavy blooming in an indoor environment.

bloom ULTRA is used during the first 2 weeks after the change in photoperiod. After this time bloom recommend you change to the next of the boosters in their line-up:

bloom PHAT

bloom PHAT takes over from bloom ULTRA at the beginning of week 3 of the flowering cycle, and it is used for just 2 weeks.

bloom PHAT

Basically, bloom PHAT puts the plants into a feeding frenzy just at that point in it's life-cycle where the plant is most vigorously producing flower buds. This maximises the potential of the number of flowers and flowering sites that the plant produces.

bloom PHAT increases nutrient uptake to such an extent that some caution needs to be exercised in it's use. If too much is added or it is fed hydroponically too frequently every day, then it can cause overfeeding (along with all the usual attendant symptoms such as leaf-tip burn).

Once you have completed weeks 3&4 of flowering using bloom PHAT to max out bud production, it is time to move on to the next yellow bottle:

bloom OOZE

bloom OOZE is generally used in the final 4 weeks or so of the flowering cycle. It stimulates the swelling of the flowers/fruits while simultaneously encouraging the production of essential oils and terpenoids.

bloom OOZE

Apart from containing a whole host of organic plant stimulants, minerals, amino acids, b vitamins and fulvic acid, bloom OOZE also contains triacontanol.

Triacontanol is a fantastic additive. It is found naturally (in limited amounts) in plant leaves. It de-stresses the plant, up-regulates photosynthesis (thereby increasing growth rates) and allows the plant to achieve it's full genetic potential. Tests have shown that crops treated with triacontanol are not only up to 30% larger, but they are of much higher quality too. The reason that triacontanol is not found in all manufacturer's boosters is that it is very difficult to dissolve and keep in solution. Advanced Floriculture bloom is one of only a handful of manufacturers that have cracked this problem, allowing them to produce one of the most technically advanced boosters available today.

As was mentioned, bloom OOZE is used for the last 4 weeks or so of the flowering cycle. Alongside this, bloom recommend the use of bloom FINAL for the last 2 weeks:

bloom FINAL

bloom FINAL stimulates a final layer of flowers to develop, plus it encourages the blooms to ripen and to use up their reserves of nutrient stored within them.

bloom FINAL

When aggressive flower enhancers have been used in earlier stages (such as PHAT and OOZE), there can be a large stock of nutrient held within the plant ready to be used for producing flowers. If these are allowed to linger through to harvest they can considerably compromise the final quality of the crop. bloom FINAL gets the plant to use up these stocks by producing a final layer of flowers, thus giving the grower a larger crop of higher quality produce.

bloom HUMATE

bloom HUMATE provides the plant with the natural organic material that it's roots encounter when naturally grown in soil. Rich in Carbon and organic molecules, Advanced Floriculture bloom HUMATE is a very high quality humic acid additive and creates a friendly environment like plants would encounter in nature.

bloom HUMATE

HUMATE chelates beneficial nutrients and makes them easier for the plant to absorb, while also providing a natural environment and fuel source for beneficial microbes and fungi to live in and thrive with.


bloom ORGANIC SWTNR (SWEETENER) contains carbohydrates which provide the plant with a ready-to-use source of energy. Not only that but it also provides fuel for beneficial microbes and fungi in the root-zone.


Use bloom ORGANIC SWEETENER and it will improve aroma production and enhance the flavour of your crop while also improving plant health and immunity to diseases.

Some carbohydrate additives make all your crops smell and taste the same. ORGANIC SWEETENER won't do this! It just allows the plant to maximise it's natural and individual aroma and taste. Using this is a no-brainer!

bloom CAL (MAG)

bloom CAL doesn't just contain Calcium, it also contains Magnesium - just like other Calcium-Magnesium additives. Using bloom CAL ensures there is plenty of these secondary nutrients which can often come into short supply.

During mid-flowering, plants are often fed a lot of phosphorous and potassium in their feed. A root environment that is high in these main nutrients can make it difficult for the plant to access calcium and magnesium. Feeding a supplement (especially during mid-flowering) will make sure the plant has plenty of these secondary nutrients to access. bloom CAL takes care of it!

Most time-served growers will know the value of a good calcium-magnesium additive. Cal-Mag additives help to ensure that your plants won't be suffering from secondary nutrient deficiencies that can be caused by lock-outs or insufficient supply. Deficiencies in Calcium and Magnesium often arise when the amount of potassium (K) being fed to the plant is high (such as during weeks 3-4 of flowering).

bloom CAL-MAG

Advanced Floriculture bloom CAL-MAG is a very high quality example of this type of additive made from only the best sources. Use bloom CAL-MAG and improve the quality and size of your fruits and flowers.


Quality organic additives contain a whole range of great ingredients that provide a wide range of natural organic molecules. bloom SEAFUEL is made from cold composted blue fin tuna and kelp, with a dash of fulvic acid to assist uptake by the plant.


Having a wide range of these organic molecules provides the plant with what it needs to build it's own special compounds, such as essential oils and terpinoids. bloom SEAFUEL can increase the quality of your crop very noticeably. Plus it contains the beneficial microorganisms that helped to compost it.

bloom SEAFUEL will improve the quality of your crops plus create a better rootzone with a thriving microherd of beneficial bacteria!


Keep micro nutrient deficiencies at bay with bloom SEA MINERALS. This product contains around 100 elements and compounds derived from sea water (with the sodium taken out, of course). This makes sure that these essential parts of a plant's nutrition never run short.


Liebig's law of the minimum states that plant growth is limited by the supply of the micro nutrient that is in the shortest supply. By using Advanced Floriculture's bloom SEA MINERALS, the rate of growth of your plants will never be limited by such a shortage. Great for peace of mind, and great plants!

bloom ROOTS

This root stimulator is so good it can even be used as a cloning gel! bloom ROOTS protects from heat, water and disease stress, as well as causing a rash of new root growth. Use it to improve strike rates with cuttings, and to help create a large and strong root mass during veg.

bloom ROOTS

Roots are often referred to as the engine of a plant. Plant top growth is limited by a small or weak root mass because it cannot provide the water and nutrients for optimum growth above ground. Make sure your "plant engine" is providing everything the top needs by creating an awesome root system with bloom ROOTS!

bloom PK

bloom PK provides additional phosphorous and potassium for mid-flowering (often weeks 4-6). For optimally exuberant blooming plants need extra phosphorous and potassium during the critical mid-bloom stage. bloom PK ensures that plants have all they need of these essential macro nutrients during this critical stage.

bloom PK

bloom PK is made using only the best ingredients for easy uptake by the plants. Plus, it is highly concentrated and has an NPK of 0 - 19.5 - 21 meaning that a little goes a long way making it great value-for money!

Use the whole range!

There are quite a few bottles in the Advanced Floriculture bloom line-up. Using the whole range has a cumulative effect on the end-result of your crop. The possibilities are quite astonishing! However if you fancy just giving one or 2 of their products a dabble before investing in the whole lot then look no further than bloom PRE or ULTRA. They have such an obvious effect they'll leave you wondering what the whole range can do!

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