How To Set Up Your Medusa Dripper Feed System

We get asked a lot about how to set up the feed side of the Medusa system. So today were going to take you through the process. If you haven’t already seen them we have full instructions on how to setup the run to waste side of the system, which should always be done before setting up the feed system. If you have not done this already then do this now before going any further.

The very first thing to do is to decide where you are going to put your reservoir. Ideally you would position this outside of your tent, away from any direct light to keep your nutrient temperature as low as possible. 

Once you have positioned the reservoir its time to install the feed pump into the bottom of the reservoir.

The next stage varies slightly depending on which Medusa kit you have purchased but the end result is the same for all kits.

We want to run pipe from the outlet of the pump out of the reservoir, down to the ground and along to the centre of the last four trays.

Some kits come with swivel elbows and tank connector in either 13mm or 25mm to allow much neater pipework, these fittings utilise the holes provided at the top of the reservoir.

A vital part of this system which is often forgot and can lead to some horrendous situations if not fitted correctly is the Anti-Siphon Valve. This valve will stop your feed system from flooding your pots, trays and tent so it is of vital importance.

It needs to be installed above the water line in your reservoir feed pipe so that when the feed timer stops the nutrient solution stops flowing and air can be pulled into the pipework.

Now we will install the 8-way manifold at the opposite end of the pipework, in the centre of the 4 trays. If this is the end of the run then cut a small piece of pipe to connect to the other side of the manifold and use an end stop or tap to cap off the run.

Next, we’ll install the drip line and drippers, connect one end of your drip line to one of the eight outlets on the manifold and take the drip line over in a loose arch to the centre of the desired tray and pot, cut the pipework and install a dripper to that end and mount in your pot. This process should then be repeated as needed for each run.

If you want to learn more or need any more help, use the help button on our website or come and see us in-store.

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