Introducing The OCD Range - Get Rid Of Smells In Style

The OCD range has landed at One Stop! There's a lot of odour control products on the market, but OCD has stood out from the crowd since its launch in late 2019.

It's time we jumped on the OCD train, so here's some of the reasons why we're so onboard.

OCD uses "Deo-Max" technology which actively breaks down smells and stops them in their tracks. It's paired alongside essential oils to leave your area smelling fresh and fragrant.

They do genuinely smell amazing and the essential oils really do make OCD stand out from the crowd.

We love this as it doesn't give you a nasty headache like some of the more artificial/chemical based odour control products on the market.

They come in a big variety of flavours and forms too.

You can get them in Original (Deo-Max), Lemon, Orange, Bubblegum & Fresh Linen flavours, alongside spray forms, cubes or gels, making them very versitile.

The OCD spray is particularly handy to keep with you in your car to remove any smells that may be lingering around.

OCD also lasts for a long time in the area around the grow space too, making it fantastic value for money - less is more.

We'd recommend using these when you've got guests coming round or want to add a more fragrant aroma to your house. They're also fantastic at getting rid of pet smells!

Want to learn more about OCD? Checkout our listings!

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